No Celebrities Accept Meghan Markle’s Art Event Invite, Doria Begs Beyoncé’s Mom for Photo, Tina Knowles Reveals

Tina Knowles reveals no celebrity accepted Meghan Markle’s art event invitation, while Doria asks for a photo with Beyoncé’s mother. The Artwall Foundation recently made headlines by promoting an event hosted by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to celebrate the arts. However, contrary to initial reports, it appears no other celebrities attended the event, with the exception of fashion designer Tina Knowles, who showed support for her daughter.

Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mother, was also present at the meeting. In a press release shared on Meghan and Harry’s official website, they detailed their involvement in the Kinsey Collection of African American art and history. The collection is noted for its extensive holdings of African American art, artifacts and documents.

On Instagram, the Kinsey Collection shared photos from the event held on March 21 at Sofi Stadium in Hollywood Park. The footage shows Meghan and Harry warmly interacting with attendees, as well as a moderate conversation with Bernard, Shirley and Khalil Kinsey. These individuals are prominent figures in the arts and philanthropic community, devoting their lives to the elevation and celebration of African American art and culture.

At the event, David Oyelowo, an actor who starred in a film directed by Megan’s friend Misan, was also present to show his support. It seems that this detail was highlighted to highlight that a notable actor was present at the event. As the photos continued, Doria Ragland was photographed alongside Tina Knowles, Beyoncé’s mother. However, it is clarified that Tina attended the event because she was invited by Khalil Kinsey, the creative director of the museum, and not specifically for Meghan. Additionally, no photos were taken between Tina and Meghan, while Doria expressed a desire to take photos with Tina.

According to an insider’s source, Tina Knowles has been a renowned collector of African American art for years. It is mentioned that she purchased her first work of art from an African American artist with her first salary. His presence at the event was motivated by his passion for the arts and the artists themselves. Megan knew Tina would be there and sent Doria to take a photo with her. On the other hand, Doria’s appearance next to Tina seems casual, as if she has just momentarily left her seat for a photo shoot. It’s worth noting that Megan’s mom’s appearance may not have made the best impression, considering her casual outfit. One might expect Megan to prioritize a more polished appearance for her mother.

The situation with Doria asking for a photo with Tina Knowles is reminiscent of the incident involving Doria, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner, where Kim and Kris initially mistook Doria for a random fan asking for a photo. The source also points out that Megan’s interest in getting closer to Serena Williams’ mother at Wimbledon reflects a tendency to seek association with influential figures. However, it is notable that Megan’s mother is more successful, although she may not be as widely recognized.

It is important to note that these observations and comments should be taken with a grain of salt. The source raises the question of Megan’s true concern and contribution to the African American community and her art. They mention an incident in which Mark Bradford’s art was used at a wedding, but say it was Prince Charles who showed stronger commitment by hiring a soul choir and inviting the head of the American Episcopal Church to speak at Harry and Megan’s wedding. The source suggests that Megan could leverage the goodwill associated with various groups without making substantial contributions.


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