Nacho Rejects Prince Harry’s Invitation to Wellington Home Due to Delfina’s Concerns Over Meghan Markle’s Interior Style

Nacho refuses to invite Harry to Wellington’s house because Delina doesn’t want Meghan Markle to emulate her interior style. As we previously reported, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle enjoyed a glamorous weekend in Miami, attending a series of star-studded polo events and spending their nights at a luxurious resort priced at a whopping 8,000 $ per night. The couple reportedly stayed at the lavish Four Seasons Hotel in Palm Beach, one of the most expensive properties in the area, according to Hello magazine.

During their stay, an onlooker spotted Harry and Meghan strolling around the lavish hotel’s pool on Saturday. After filming wrapped, Meghan contacted Nacho Figueras and asked for an invitation to his and his wife Delina’s beautiful home in Wellington. However, the invitation was not extended, as Delina expressed concerns that Meghan might emulate her distinctive interior style.

Until two years ago, Harry and Meghan were not invited to stay with Nacho and Delina. The family’s Florida base was a modest three-bedroom condominium, serving primarily as a place to eat and sleep rather than a sanctuary. When Nacho, a dedicated designer and real estate enthusiast, learned that a home in the area was on the market, he and his wife wasted no time purchasing it. They were attracted by its privileged location on a corner lot, surrounded by water.

While the unadorned Moorish facade appealed to the couple, the opulent interiors, with mustard-colored walls, antiquated joinery and an ornate staircase, left much to be desired. “It was like a Scottish castle, which doesn’t fit this landscape,” Figueras remarked. He considers himself a frustrated architect and credits fellow polo player Peter Brandt for introducing him to the transformative power of art and design. Megan reportedly appreciated this architectural style and expressed a desire to see it with her own eyes. However, Delina was hesitant about Meghan potentially copying their aesthetic and snooping around their house to take photos of the interior.

Rumors have circulated that Harry borrowed Nacho’s private jet to return to California, but it remains unclear whether Nacho lent it to him. Despite the alleged breakup, Delina and Nacho remained friends with Harry throughout his life. However, Delina developed a dislike towards Meghan, although she never directly expressed any negative feelings. Delina has even posted kind messages on her Instagram, but her reservations come from not wanting to upset Harry.

In the past, Harry used Nacho’s horse, and Nacho and Delina hosted Harry and his children while they had a polo season and their own relatively small apartment was under construction. Nacho charges for the use and training of the horses, and while this season may have been a gift to Harry, that is no longer the case.

The development comes after Meghan Markle was criticized for her behavior at a charity polo match, where she awkwardly refused to let Cheriff Center Bell pose with Harry during a photo shoot. A viral video clip shared on social media showed Meghan making a deliberate move to avoid being next to Prince Harry in the photo. The images sparked backlash, with social media users criticizing Meghan for being bossy and insecure. Some described her behavior as controlling and narcissistic, questioning why she interfered in every situation and controlled everyone around her.

The incident further fueled controversy surrounding the former royal, with individuals expressing embarrassment and disappointment over missed opportunities for Meghan to show grace and kindness.


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