Prince Harry Excluded from Sentebale Polo Cup due to Controversial Instagram Nacho Spill and Suspected $1.5M Deal

In a surprising turn of events, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and co-founding boss of Sentebale, has been banned from taking part in this year’s Sentebale Polo Cup.

The reason for his exclusion? A bizarre incident involving a nacho spill on Instagram, along with allegations of a shady deal worth $1.5 million to secure his participation.

It is important to note that Nacho, who is not officially part of Sentebale, played an important role in Harry’s ousting from the polo tournament in the United States. Ironically, the money he received from the controversial deal was used to secure his own appearance in the same tournament.

This development raises questions about Harry’s commitment to Sentebale, especially as he was expected to donate the profits of his participation. Sentebale confirmed that he received a substantial sum of $1.5 million from him. How Harry managed to transfer this amount without Megan’s intervention remains a mystery.

Interestingly, the next Sentebale Polo Cup was originally scheduled to take place in Singapore. However, shortly after the announcement, Sentebale removed it from its website, creating further confusion.

Notably, Nacho, who played a central role in Harry’s banishment, is also a co-founder of the organization. His actions have undoubtedly caused ripples within the polo community and raised eyebrows as to his motives.

The Sentebale Polo Cup serves as a platform for Prince Harry to discuss his role as an ambassador for Sentebale. The event aims to raise awareness and funds to support the organization’s work with children and young people in Southern Africa, who face challenges related to extreme poverty, inequality, HIV/AIDS and COVID-19. The funds raised this year are all the more crucial as the pandemic has exacerbated existing inequalities.

Sentebale expresses deep gratitude to its partners and supporters, including its long-time title sponsor, ISPS Honda, for their invaluable contributions that make the event possible.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, Nacho, who is an ambassador for the charity, shared a picture of himself with Harry. In the accompanying caption, he expressed his love for playing alongside Harry while stressing the importance of raising money for the cause. However, he also made veiled references to individuals he believes do not deserve to be associated with the event, accusing them of parasitic behavior and embezzlement of charitable funds.

Amid this controversy, Meghan McCain, a prominent commentator, has raised questions about the couple’s future plans. She specifically mentions Harry’s promised four-book deal with Penguin, worth $25 million. McCain wonders if the remaining books of the deal will attract the same interest, given the decline in popularity the couple has experienced since Harry’s previous memoir, ‘Spare’, was published earlier this year.

With the breakdown of family ties and the loss of royal privileges, the couple’s trajectory took a hit. Even their standing among the liberal elite appears to be shrinking, with big business now questioning their intentions. As Meghan and Harry navigate the aftermath of this controversy, the question remains: what will be the next step in their ongoing grievance tour?

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