Miley Cyrus’ New Year’s Wardrobe Malfunction Didn’t Deter Her: I Loved Every Second

Miley Cyrus’ New Year’s Wardrobe Malfunction Didn’t Deter Her: I Loved Every Second

Pete Davidson and Miley Cyrus blew their 2022 New Year’s Eve party out of the park. All sorts of popular skills took to the stage, including Cyrus herself. What fans can’t help but talk about, however, is the wardrobe malfunction that almost showed the entire audience the entertainer’s left nipple. Of course, this is nothing new: Cyrus’ hair and clothes are often the center of conversation.

Miley Cyrus’ NYE Wardrobe Malfunction

In one of his many stellar performances on New Year’s Eve, Cyrus kicked off late 2021 and early 2022 with his single “Occasion in the USA.” Just five seconds into the performance, the pop singer began squeezing her skintight metallic crop top because the string snapped, almost revealing her nipple. While many artists would freak out at this point, Cyrus tiptoed him and didn’t skip a beat of his song.

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Still singing, Cyrus returned for a replacement top, returning to the stage in a revealing red blazer to complete her performance. She was even humorous about it, adding quips like “Everyone’s definitely looking at me now” and “I’m still wearing most of the clothes I’ve ever worn on stage” between her famous lyrics. Fans couldn’t help but praise the star for how she handled the faulty wardrobe.

Miley Cyrus' New Year's Wardrobe Malfunction Didn't Deter Her: I Loved Every Second

Cyrus responded to Phillip’s tweet about his wardrobe malfunction

Saying that “Miley Cyrus suffered a wardrobe malfunction as she rang in the New Year singing ‘Get together in the USA’ for her #,” fans were quick to come to her defense.

One person even used his Twitter platform to correct the magazine. “She didn’t ‘suffer’,” Nicole Phillip wrote. “Girl didn’t miss a beat or jump a** and ALWAYS delivered. And how did Cyrus feel about the whole experience? Exactly the way we go. Miley Cyrus-style, the pop star replied to Phillip. “Absolutely not! The whole night was pure JOY!”, she quoted-tweeted in response. “Loved every second! .

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Cyrus has never been shy about wearing controversial clothes/seems

Since losing Hannah Montana in 2011, Cyrus has been anything but body shy when it comes to her looks at awards shows and performances. At the 2013 VMAs alone, Cyrus pulled off some of the most controversial looks of the decade. Namely, her nude latex bra and panties (along with her mouse outfit and foam finger) during her infamous performance with Robin Thicke when they remixed “Blurred Traces” and “We Are Unable.” . to stop”.

In 2015, Cyrus told On Air with Ryan Seacrest about that second, “I see someone who isn’t me now. The pop star expanded on the subject in 2017 with Harper’s Bazaar.” ‘was a bit like saying, ‘[Screw] you. Girls should be able to have that freedom or whatever. But it got to a point where I felt sexualized,” she explained. Miley Cyrus explained herself through a panic attack on stage

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