Michael Jordan Biography

Michael Jeffrey Jordan, popularly known as Michael Jordan He is a legendary former American professional basketball player. He is considered one of the best basketball players of all time. The Chicago Bulls recruited him third overall in the 1984 NBA Draft and then played 15 seasons in the NBA as a shooting guard or small forward position. He won 6 NBA championships with the Bulls. He retired briefly from basketball in 1993 to play baseball, but returned to basketball in 1995. He retired from basketball for the second time in January 1999, but returned to the NBA for two seasons with the Washington Wizards. Throughout his career as a player, he has won numerous prestigious awards. He is currently the main owner of the Charlotte Hornets of the NBA.

Why is Michael Jordan famous?

  • Considered the best basketball player of all time.
  • He won 6 NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls.
  • Named MVP of the NBA Finals 6 times.
  • Named Most Valuable Player in the NBA 5 times.
  • The first billionaire player in the history of the NBA.
  • The third richest African American.

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Where was Michael Jordan born?

Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963. His birth name is Michael Jeffrey Jordan. His birthplace is in New York City, New York in the United States. He has American nationality. It belongs to the African American ethnic group. He was born to a father, James R. Jordan Sr., and a mother, Deloris Jordan. He has 4 brothers. He has 2 older brothers, Larry and James R. Jordan Jr., an older sister, Deloris, and a younger sister, Roslyn. Its zodiac sign is Aquarius. His family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina when he was a child.

He attended Emsley A. Laney High School in Wilmington. He excelled in basketball, baseball and soccer in high school. He received scholarship offers from several universities, including Duke, North Carolina, South Carolina, Syracuse and Virginia. He promised to play for the University of North Carolina with a basketball scholarship. During his three seasons with the Tar Heels, he averaged 17.7 points and 5.0 rebounds per game. He quit his senior season to enter the 1984. NBA Draft. He returned to North Carolina, where he graduated with a degree in cultural geography in 1986.

University honors

NCAA National Championship – 1981–82

Freshman of the year ACC – 1981–82

Consensus on two occasions First NCAA All-American Team – 1982–83, 1983–84

ACC Men's Basketball Player of the Year – 1983–84

USBWA University Player of the Year – 1983–84

Naismith College Player of the Year – 1983–84

Adolph Rupp Trophy – 1983–84

John R. Wooden Award – 1983–84

Number 23 retired by the North Carolina Tar Heels

Michael Jordan College

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The Chicago Bulls selected him third overall in the 1984. NBA Draft. He played most of his NBA career with the Bulls. He then won 6 NBA championships with Bulls, including several NBA records and franchises. He won 3 consecutive NBA championships, securing a "three pats." He missed most of the 1985-86 season due to a foot injury.

He retired briefly in 1993 to pursue a career in baseball, which he highlighted in high school. It was later reported that Jordan's retirement in 1993 was a secret suspension of the league for the game. He was seen betting on Atlanta City, New Jersey during the Bulls playoff race in 1993.

He played baseball in the minor leagues as a gardener. He signed a Minor League Baseball contract with the Chicago White Sox in February 1994. He played for the Birmingham Barons and Scottsdale Scorpions. Due to the ongoing strike of the Major League Baseball in March 1995, he decided to leave baseball.

He returned to basketball in March 1995 and joined his former Bulls club. He later won 3 more NBA championships with the Bulls. He led the Bulls to secure the second "slap" after returning from retirement.

He retired for the second time in January 1999. He returned to the NBA by joining the Washington Wizards in January 2000, not as a player, but as co-owner and president of Wizards basketball operations. He wanted to return to the NBA as a player and made his return to the NBA as a player in September 2001. He played 2 seasons for the Wizards. He played his last game at the United Center in Chicago, where he received a four-minute standing ovation. He played his last NBA game against the Philadelphia 76ers on April 16, 2003. He received a three-minute ovation from his teammates, his opponents, the officers and the crowd.

He scored 32,292 points, 6,672 rebounds and 5,633 assists in his 15 seasons in the NBA. At the end of his 15 seasons in the NBA, he averaged a record of 30.1 points, 6.2 rebounds and 5.3 assists per game.

Michael Jordan Basketball

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National Team Race

Jordan won two Olympic gold medals for the United States. He first won the gold medal for the United States at the 1984 Summer Olympics, when he was a college player. He later won the 1993 Summer Olympics with the United States. The three members of the US team UU., Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were called "Dream Team".

Post retirement

He played golf at celebrity charity tournaments in the coming years. He was previously fired as president of Mago basketball operations in May 2003.

He promoted his Jordan Brand clothing line.

He owned a professional closed-circuit motorcycle racing team, Michael Jordan Motorsports, from 2004 to 2013.

Charlotte Bobcats / Hornets

He bought a minority stake in the Charlotte Bobcats in June 2006.

It acquired most of the stake in Charlotte Hornets, then renamed, in March 2010.

Michael Jordan Statistics

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NBA Honors

Six-time NBA champion: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998

Six times Most Valuable Player of the NBA Finals: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998

Five times NBA MVP: 1988, 1991, 1992, 1996, 1998

10 times NBA leader in scoring – 1987–1993, 1996–1998

14 times NBA All-Star – 1985–1993, 1996–1998, 2002, 2003

Three times Most Valuable Player of the NBA All-Star Game – 1988, 1996, 1998

11 times NBA team:

First team – 1987–1993, 1996–1998

Second team – 1985

NBA first nine-time defensive team – 1988–1993, 1996–1998

Twice NBA champion Slam Dunk Contest – 1987, 1988

NBA Rookie of the Year – 1984–85

Twice winner of the IBM Award – 1985, 1989

NBA Defensive Player of the Year – 1987–88

Named one of the 50 best players in NBA history in 1996

Number 23 retired by the Chicago Bulls

Number 23 retired by the Miami Heat

Michael Jordan Honors

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Other honors

Naismith Memorial basketball hall of fame twice

class of 2009 – individual

class of 2010 – as a member of the "Dream

United States Olympic Hall of Fame – class of 2009 (as a member of the "Ideal Team")

FIBA Hall of Fame – Class of 2015

Twice winner of the Olympic gold medal – 1984, 1992

Winner of "Triple Basketball Crown"

Three times associate press athlete of the year – 1991, 1992, 1993

Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year – 1991

Section of Madison Street in Chicago renamed Michael Jordan Drive – 1994

Ranked n. ° 1 for the 50 best players of all time of the magazine Slam

Ranked No.1 by the best North American athletes of ESPN SportsCentury of the 20th century

North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame

Brand Winner Legend 1997

10 times ESPY prize winner (in several categories)

Statue in front of the United Center

Presidential Medal of Freedom 2016

Michael Jordan teams

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He is the author of several books. His books are

Rare air: Michael in Michael (1993) with Mark Vancil and Walter Iooss.

I can't accept not trying: Michael Jordan in the pursuit of excellence (1994) with Mark Vancil and Sandro Miller.

For the love of the game: my story (1998) with Mark Vancil.

Conducted from within (2005) with Mark Vancil.

Michael Jordan Wife

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Who is Michael Jordan married to?

Jordan married Juanita Vanoy in September 1989. They had two sons, Jeffrey and Marcus, and a daughter, Jasmine. The couple filed for divorce in January 2002. Before finalizing their divorce, the couple reconciled. They again filed for divorce in December 2006. Juanita received a $ 168 million settlement after her divorce with Jordan. His divorce agreement became the largest celebrity divorce agreement in the public record at that time. He became a grandfather in 2019 when his daughter Jasmine from her first marriage gave birth to a son.

Then he dated Cuban-American model Yvette Prieto. They got engaged in December 2011, at Christmas. They were tied on April 27, 2013. The couple has two twin daughters, Victoria and Ysabel.

His former lover, Karla Knafel, filed a lawsuit against Jordan for not paying Knafel $ 5 million that he promised to pay to keep their relationship secret and not file a paternity suit. Jordan had allegedly paid him $ 250,000 to keep his relationship a secret. A DNA test showed that Jordan was not the father of the child.

Michael Jordan Wife

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What is the net worth of Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan is one of the most successful basketball players in history. He became the first billionaire player in NBA history in 2014. He is the third richest African American behind Robert F. Smith and Oprah Winfrey. He earned his fortune as one of the successful NBA players. It is one of the most commercialized sports figures in history. His annual salary in Bulls was reported for more than $ 30 million and his annual income from endorsements was estimated at more than $ 40 million. He has endorsed several brands, including Nike, Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, Gatorade, McDonald ' s, Ball Park Franks, Rayovac, Wheaties, Hanes and MCI, among others. Nike created an exclusive shoe for Jordan called Air Jordan in 1984. Its image fueled the success of Nike Air Jordan sneakers to date. His annual income from his Jordan brand and endorsements were estimated at $ 110 million in 2017. The Charlotte Business Journal honored Jordan as the Business Person of the Year in January 2015. He is currently the principal owner of the Charlotte Hornets of the NBA and the owner of the Miami Marlins of MLB. He is also co-owner of an automotive group that includes the Nissan dealer and the Lincoln-Mercury dealer. It also has several restaurants. Its net worth is estimated at $ 1.9 billion as of September 2019.

What are the body measurements of Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan is at a height of 1.98 m, that is, 6 feet 6 inches tall. It has a body weight of 216 pounds, that is, 98 kg. It has an average body constitution. He has a bald head and dark brown eyes. He wears shoes of size 13 (USA).

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