Meghan Markle’s True Colors Revealed as a Gold-Digger

Jessica was Meghan’s closest confidant for nearly a decade before her relationship with Prince Harry. Jess even played a key role in the pair’s meeting. But their rift became public in 2020 when Mulroney was embroiled in a racial spat that saw her fired from her roles on reality shows about marriage. Meghan reportedly refused to publicly defend Jess, effectively breaking their bond. Since then, cryptic tweets have circulated between their camps, but neither woman has fully spoken out about what really caused this huge rift after so many years of friendship. At least, until now.

Jessica finally decided to air all of Meghan’s dirty laundry in a fiery Instagram post that left everyone in shock. In her post, Jess directly calls Meghan by her name for the first time, saying she can no longer remain silent in the face of her former friend’s constant cheating and abuse. She then attaches dozens of screenshots, voice recordings, and old diary entries from 2011, revealing Meghan’s true character.

In one entry, Jessica rants about Meghan for suspiciously courting married men in her circle to gain relationships and status. Other screenshots show Meghan ruthlessly plotting to find herself a rich or titled partner, labeling middle-class suitors as beneath her station. We even see old emails between the two where Meghan brags about using her relationship with Trevor Engelson to get introduced to better-looking, wealthier men.

But perhaps the most damning piece of evidence Jessica shared was an old voice recording titled “Operation Prince Charming.” In it, Meghan coldly describes a five-year plan to try to seduce Prince Harry, which involves using Jessica to get closer to his ex Chelsea Davy and the rest of his inner circle. Their casual discussion about using people is shocking to hear.

Naturally, the post sparked an internet firestorm. To outsiders, it painted a sinister picture of a social climber who methodically targets and manipulates people from the start, simply to propel herself higher in society. This contradicts the narrative of her and Harry having a whirlwind romance. Sources say that as the evidence spread like wildfire on social media, a distraught Meghan immediately called a crisis meeting with her lawyers and PR team. Still based in Montecito, they were completely caught off guard by the scale of Jessica’s ambush, realizing that this was not a minor spat but a career- and reputation-destroying revelation if it gained mainstream attention.

Damage control measures were quickly deployed, including contacting Jess in secret, offering her money to silence the rumors and a position at the Archewell Foundation if she would delete the post and sign a non-disclosure agreement. But it was too late. Her authentic and complex truth bomb had already gone viral around the world before they could shut it down. This scandal alone could destroy everything Meghan and Harry claimed to stand for when it came to their messages of feminist empowerment. There is no way to get away from her words or deny the audio clips from her own mouth.

Only time will tell how serious this whole affair was, but it’s safe to say that this was Meghan’s darkest day in the eyes of a public that is now fully aware of her past. Whether Meghan faces further legal or professional fallout, or Jessica’s vengeance serves as a warning to her old friend to change her ways, one thing is for sure: This shocking revelation opens a whole new chapter in the story of Meghan Markle’s rise and fall among her allies.


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