King Charles’ Strategic Move Against Meghan Markle’s Business Ambitions

King Charles has made a major gesture amid rumours surrounding the potential launch of a new Meghan Markle product. Apparently just hours after speculation began swirling that the Duchess of Sussex’s lifestyle brand was about to launch, the 75-year-old monarch has unveiled his latest offering: Highgrove Royal Estate honey. Priced at £25 for a 350g jar, the delicacy is produced by the royal bees on the monarch’s private estate and is being touted as a “fantastic gift for those with a sweet tooth” due to its distinctive lime flavour.

The announcement comes amid speculation that Meghan Markle is adding rosé wine to her lineup at the American Riviera Orchard. Meghan was previously accused of emulating the royal when she suggested she was introducing raspberry and strawberry jam jars, reminiscent of Buckingham Palace’s strawberry jam.

In describing Charles’ Highgrove’s Royal Estate organic honey, the Royal Collection shop highlighted its unique production process: “Produced from pollen collected by the myriad of bees who all live in traditional British double-walled hives commissioned exclusively on the estate; each hive has its own specific design and took almost a year to construct by hand.”

“In spring, bees work the hedgerows of Highgrove Gardens and from late June to early July, they forage in the lime tree avenue. The organic soft-set honey makes a fantastic gourmet gift for those with a sweet tooth with its distinctive lime flavour.”


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