Meghan Markle Faces Setback as Netflix Rejects Her Cooking Show

Meghan Markle has reportedly wrapped filming on a highly anticipated cooking and home show. However, it currently lacks a premiere date as Netflix has yet to approve it. A Hollywood source confirmed to The Daily Beast, “Everything went well and it’s in the can.” Meghan had previously mentioned that the show would celebrate the joys of cooking, gardening, entertaining, and friendship, but rumors are already swirling of tensions behind the scenes. Some staff members have left the production, and rumors suggest that Meghan and Harry’s increasing demands and royal attitudes contributed to the change.

According to Neil Sean, on the set of Meghan’s new Netflix cooking show, things have taken a different turn. Despite their previous stance on titles and formality, the couple seem to be adopting a more regal demeanor. The production team has noticed that Harry prefers to be addressed as “Sir” unless he explicitly says otherwise. Meghan, too, is addressed formally first until she gives permission to use her first name.

Recently, Meghan was spotted filming in a Beverly Hills park by a TikTok user. While some have speculated that additional footage may be needed for the show, insiders believe the scene filmed on TikTok was unrelated, as the crew has reportedly completed the required footage. For Meghan, the show represents an opportunity to establish herself as a home and lifestyle guru akin to Martha Stewart or Gwyneth Paltrow. The project is especially crucial after a string of ventures that either failed to fully materialize or were unsuccessful.

The 40×40 initiative, announced on her 40th birthday in 2021, is one such initiative. Meghan invited 40 friends to offer 40-minute mentoring sessions to people re-entering the workforce after the pandemic. Despite initial buzz, there have been no subsequent updates or tangible results, leading critics to question its impact and sustainability. An aide to Meghan did not respond to questions about the status of the program.

This tendency to make high-profile announcements without follow-up has become a recurring theme for Meghan and Harry. Their departure from the royal family was marked by grand plans for a semi-private royal life, which were not approved by the royal family and ultimately led to a withdrawal of several of their initial proposals. This included the removal of HRH titles and a ban on using the word “royal” in their branding.

The pandemic further complicated their efforts, as global lockdowns impacted many planned projects. Notably, their deal with Spotify resulted in minimal content and failed to generate significant interest. Netflix’s output, with the exception of the Harry and Meghan documentary, has also been limited. Their latest venture, American Riviera Orchard, has faced challenges. Despite a strong social media presence for AR Jam, no AR products are available in stores two months after the brand’s launch, leaving potential consumers intrigued but unable to purchase.

PR consultant Mark Borkowski weighed in on Meghan’s business plans, stressing the importance of her ability to generate real revenue. He noted that the success of the new show is crucial given that she is represented by a powerful talent agency. “If she has listened and learned and is comfortable in this new role as sub-Martha Stewart, sub-Oprah, it could be a launch pad into something new and interesting,” Borkowski said. However, he warned that another failure would make it difficult for Meghan, as she would have to pivot in a new direction again.

Regardless of the outcome, Meghan’s efforts continue to attract considerable attention. Borkowski noted that her ability to engage audiences ensures there will always be opportunities for collaboration. “She’s always going to attract someone who wants to leverage her brand,” he concluded.


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