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Marie Laforet She is a famous French singer and actress, who began her career at age twenty. Since then, this artist who faced extreme poverty and psychological stigma as a child, overcame her inhibitions and gave stellar performances not only in French and Italian films, but also as a singer. He is known for his exceptional beauty with sharp facial features, which add to his brilliant talent as an actor. As a singer, this accomplished musician stands out from the crowd due to his melodious and disturbing voice, which overflows emotions. Even today, French music seems incomplete without this splendid singer who brings her magic.

Marie Laforet, singer and French actress "with golden eyes", dies at 80

Franco-Swiss actress and singer Marie Laforêt, nicknamed "the girl with the golden eyes", died at age 80 near Geneva, Switzerland, where she lived since 1978. Laforet, who had French and Swiss nationality, died Saturday in the Swiss city of Genolier, between Lausanne and Geneva, announced his family on Sunday. The cause of death remains unknown.

He then acted in 35 films and sold more than 35 million albums. He released his first single Vendanges de l’amour in 1963. His other successes included Ivan, Boris et Moi, Il a neigé sur Yesterday, Viens Sur la Montagne, Marie douceur, Marie colère and Que Calor la Vida.

Singing in French and Spanish, he was inspired by American and European folk music. As an actress, she worked with film directors such as Georges Lautner, Henri Verneuil Pierre Granier-Deferred, Michel Deville and Jean-Pierre Mocky. He appeared alongside stars such as Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo.

"My career has been quite random but my life has been full from beginning to end" said Laforet, who married five times, and also worked as a theater actress and as a writer, antiquarian and auctioneer.

Where is Marie Laforet born?

Remembering his first years of life, Marie Laforet was born as Maitena Marie Brigitte Doumenach of Jean Douménach and Marie-Louise Saint Guily in the commune of Soulac-Sur-Mer in the Médoc region, France. Jean and Marie were blessed with another younger daughter, Alexandra.

German parents arrested the girl's father when World War II was fought, and the rest of the Douménach family had to fend for themselves. The struggles they went through caused the little girl to have psychological scars.

Initially, the family took refuge in a place known as Cahors, but after 1945, when Jean was released, they settled in the capital city, Paris. It was here that Marie attended the ' Liceo La Fontaine ' to continue his secondary education, and also developed an interest in theater and performing arts.

When did Marie Laforet start acting and singing?

  • Marie began her singing career when she competed in 1959, instead of her sister in the ' Naissance dune etoile & # 39 ;, a quest for French radio talent. She won the contest and was immediately noticed, not only by the music industry, but also by famous French filmmakers.
  • He adopted the artistic last name of Laforet and was supposed to debut in ' Liberte & # 39 ;, a film by the filmmaker Louis Malle, which was finally archived. It was subsequently released in 1960 in the movie ' Plein Soleil & # 39 ;, alongside Alain Delon.
  • In 1961, the film by Jean-Gabriel Albicocco appeared in the filmmaker, ' La Fille aux Yeux d & # 39 ;. The following year, he starred in two more films, ' Rat Trap ' and ' Leviathan & # 39 ;, directed by Jean-Gabriel Albicocco and Léonard Keigel, respectively.
  • In 1963, Laforêt produced several successes such as ' Tu fais semblant – Les vendanges de l ' amour ' and ' Au coeur de l ' automne – L ' amour en fleurs / Qu ' est qu ce fai pleurer les filles – Mais si loin de Moi & # 39 ;. He also sang a version of ' Blowin ' in the Wind ' by Bob Dylan and an American ballad, ' House of the Rising Sun & # 39 ;.
  • The following year, this talented artist acted in the film by Édouard Molinaro, ' Male Hunt & # 39 ;. The same year, he released beautiful songs like ' Viens Sur la Montagne & # 39 ;, ' Les Noces de Campagne ' and ' Après Toi qui sait & # 39 ;, among others.
  • In 1965, Marie appeared in the films, Cent briques et des tuiles, Marie-Chantal con le le Docteur Kha and The Camp Followers. The same year, his singles, ' Between Toi et Moi & # 39 ;, ' Ah! Dites, dites ' and ' À demain my dear ' was released.
  • The following year, apart from original singles hits like ' Prenons le temps ' and ' Mon amour, mon ami & # 39 ;, Laforêt also redone the sale of Simon and Garfunkel, ' The Sound of Silence ' in ' La voix du silence & # 39 ;. Almost at the same time, he also made a cover of ' Paint It Black & # 39 ;, sung by the band ' Rolling Stones & # 39 ;.
  • From 1967 to 1969, he starred in successful films like ' Le Treizième Caprice ' by Roger Boussinot and the production ' MGM & # 39 ;, ' Jack of Diamonds & # 39 ;, directed by Don Taylor. This brilliant performer was also at the top of her career, performing songs such as ' Feuilles d ' or & # 39 ;, & # 39 ;, Toi, nos enfants et Moi & # 39 ;, ' Pour une étoile & # 39 ;, among many more.
  • By the end of the decade, Laforêt had gained immense popularity, with his songs belonging to a completely unique genre, characterized by intense emotions.
  • However, his music label, ' CBS Records ' He forced her to produce more commercial tracks, so he soon abandoned his brilliant career and settled in Switzerland. In Switzerland, he began to devote himself to art, to establish his own gallery and to make a name for himself in a new profession.
  • During 1973-79, Marie delivered the hits, ' Viens, viens & # 39 ;, adapted from the German song of Simon Butterfly, ' Rain, Rain, Rain & # 39 ;, as well as the single, ' Il a neigé sur yesterday & # 39 ;. She was also chosen for the police thriller ' Cop or Hood & # 39 ;, made by Georges Lautner.
  • In the 1980s, Laforêt was seen in several commercially successful Italian and French films, including ' Les Diplômés du dernier sounded & # 39 ;, ' Le Pactole & # 39 ;, ' Fucking Fernand & # 39 ; and ' Happy Easter & # 39 ;.
  • In 1993, she released her latest album, ' Reconnaissances & # 39 ;, for which she became a composer, working in collaboration with the writer Jean-Marie Leau. The album included hits like ' Jérusalem, Yerushalayim & # 39 ;, ' Déjà Vu ' and ' Zistoires D ' Amours & # 39 ;, among others.
  • During the same period, he also appeared in movies like ' Dis-Moi oui & # 39 ;, ' Héroïnes ' and ' Tykho Moon & # 39 ;. In the 2000s, he traveled for a long-awaited national tour, through France, playing live in concerts. He also starred in the film ' LesBureaux de Dieu & # 39 ;, directed by Claire Simon, towards the end of the decade.

Who is Marie Laforet married to?

Reflecting on his personal life, Laforet has married five times in his life. first with his colleague, filmmaker, Jean-Gabriel Albicocco, in 1961. Subsequently, he married a businessman, Judas Azuelos, with whom he had two children.

After that, he married Alain Kahn-Sriber, an art dealer with whom he had a third child. Subsequently, he married a man named Pierre Meyer and later Eric De Lavandeyra, the stockbroker both short-lived marriages.

How much equity does Marie Laforet earn?

As a singer and actress, Marie earns a decent amount of money and fame in the field of the entertainment industry. According to online sites, your estimated net worth and salary have not yet been disclosed.

How tall is Marie Laforet?

Observing the physics of her body, Marie measures 5 feet 6 inches and weighs around 56 kg. She has a pair of brown eyes and brown hair. She wore bra size 36A (USA). Also, your body measures 30-24-33 inches.

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