Jim Caviezel had to face what uncomfortable movie scene

Jim Caviezel had to deal with an uncomfortable movie scene

Well, anyone who has watched the Passion of the Christ might actually remember this scene.

Before that, Christ fell with the cross falling on him. Jim Caviezel, the actor playing Jesus described it as follows:

“As I was coming down, the cross…it actually hit me on the head and buried my head in the sand. And I bit my tongue,” he said, “Now, in the tape, you’ll see streams of blood coming from my lip. It’s actually my own blood.

Apparently, his shoulder was also badly injured. Still, it contributed to the scene and he was able to deliver his lines to Maia Morgenstern, who played Virgin Mary.

“At that point the shoulder came out and I was trying everything I had to get my arm through [the cross]”, he continued, “and it seems to be the most extraordinary take because it seems that I cherish our cross, which is our faith, and I hug it, but in the most beautiful in manners.

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“It wasn’t pretty for me,” he admitted with a laugh, “because it hurt a lot…my AC joint had been torn.”

He was also injured during the scene where Jesus was whipped:

“I had a 14-inch gash in my back,” he said, “I ripped my hands off, got out of the grip and fell. But it’s an amazing experience because I got hit and my diaphragm froze, which was like… taking my breath away.”

Unlike the previous scene, this one did not make it into the film. So overall it seems like it wasn’t very comfortable filming these scenes, but nonetheless, Caviezel being a devout Catholic, handled himself admirably.

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