Golden Globes Host Jo Koy Faces Backlash for Disparaging Meghan Markle as ‘Wannabe’ on 2024 Ceremony Stage

Finally, someone with a major platform has exposed Meghan and Harry for the crooks that they are. Jo Koy takes the stage as emcee and you can feel the energy in the room change. People were ready to have real discussions after years of Hollywood elites praising Meghan and Harry. Jo didn’t hold back; he came right in, accusing them of being paid millions to do nothing. Finally, someone said what many of us have been thinking for years.

But Jo didn’t stop there. The camera even zoomed in on the Netflix CEO after this burn, as if to say, “Yes, we see you.” This is the problem; companies like Netflix and Spotify are willing to invest in Meghan and Harry as long as it generates buzz and profits. They do not care about the integrity or consequences of their actions.

And that Spotify deal? What a disaster. $18 million for a podcast that almost no one listened to? It’s scandalous. But as soon as the hype died down, Spotify bigwigs were quick to denounce them for the crooks that they are. Everyone wants a piece of Meghan and Harry until they dry them out.

Their charity, Archewell, is another mess, bleeding money faster than Harry’s niggers. Nearly $10 million in donations lost in one year? It’s absurd. Everything they touch seems tainted by their insatiable thirst for money and fame.

This is why Jo Koy’s withdrawal was so iconic. He channeled our collective frustration at having been force-fed for years by Meghan’s delusions and Harry’s hypocrisy. Meghan married into one of the most famous families in the world, filled with wealth and privilege, only to turn around and try to tear it all down.

She’s the ultimate wannabe – a D-list actress who worked her way to royalty and will now never stop chasing relevance and wealth at any cost. But for once, she got to taste her own medicine on the world stage. Instead of telling members of the royal family who welcomed her with open arms, she was questioned herself.

So thank you, Jo Koy, for giving Meghan the reality check she desperately needed at the Golden Globes. It’s time someone put a stop to their brazen scam. We’re on to them and we’re not going to let them profit from their lies anymore. The winds are turning and Meghan and Harry better watch out. The era of their uncontrolled slavery is over.


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