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Giorgio Leone is an Italian DJ and producer. He is well known in Asia and he is based in Taipei, Taiwan.

Fast facts


May 8, 1991

Age29 years
Place of birthCatania, Italy
active years2015-present
Height177 cm
OccupationDJ, producer, founder of OurMuzik


Giorgio Leone was born on May 8, 1991 in Catania, Italy. His beginnings are already in House and Techno music. His passion led him to approach a career as a DJ and later music production. His style is unique and very distinctive.


Giorgio Leone started his career at the age of 23. He was influenced by the Italian underground techno movement.


LeoneThe journey started in Catania, one of Techno Italy’s major cities. Giorgio Leone then moved to Asia when he signed for a big label and he started to build his reputation all over the Asian continent, especially in Taiwan. After releasing numerous tracks with his first label, Giorgio Leone founded Our Muzik, a popular nightlife organization in the techno world.


Giorgio LeoneThe future of is strictly linked to Asia and OurMuzik. In 2021, Giorgio Leone signed for a tour of Asia, now he is waiting for the end of the Covid pandemic to relaunch his DJ career now temporarily focused on music production.

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Private life

Giorgio LeoneHis personal life is now in Taipei, Taiwan. His hobbies are soccer, music and nightlife.

Did you know…

  • Giorgio Leone founded Our Muzik, a popular nightlife organization in the tech world.
  • Giorgio Leone started his career at 23.

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