Brittany Commisso (Andrew Cuomo’s Accuser) Bio, Age, Family, Husband, Kids

Brittany Commisso

Biography Brittany Commisso – Wiki

The Brittany Commisso recently came to the attention of many after the news because it accused Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment. Speaking to CBS This Morning, she shared her experiences as an executive assistant in the office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Brittany Commisso Age

According to her own interview on CBS This Morning, Brittany Commisso is 32 years old. She will turn 33 at 13.

Brittany Commisso Work

Commisso began working with Cuomo in December 2017, when she was 29. Prior to that, according to a profile on Heavy, she had spent four years as a confidential secretary in Albany County Legal Department. In addition to her work in the Cuomo office, Commisso had a short tenure as secretary in the office of the Albany County Alternate Public Defender.

Wife Brittany Commisso

Brittany has been married to her husband Frank Commisso Jr. since 2016. However, citing New York State records, the two are currently in a controversial divorce. Frank and Brittany Commisso have a young daughter, Gianna.

In 2017, Frank Komiso ran (unsuccessfully) for mayor of Albany, as a Democrat. His father, Frank Commisso Sr., is also a Democrat and has been a member of the Albany County Legislature for nearly 40 years.

A Twitter profile created to support his candidacy for mayor includes several photos of Frank and Brittany Komiso and their daughter Gianna, in the election campaign. Neither Brittany nor her estranged husband Frank Comiso Jr. seem to be using social media at the moment.

Interview with Brittany Commisso CBS

During Brittany’s interview with CBS This Morning, Brittany Commisso stressed that she did not want to be known simply as “Executive Assistant # 1”, as quoted by the Attorney General’s report.

“I am also a mother, I am a daughter, I am a friend, I am a colleague,” Jericka Duncan said in an interview. “I’m more than an Executive Assistant # 1.”

At the heart of the interview are allegations of sexual harassment by the Brittany Commisso against Andrew Cuomo. The governor denies all allegations.

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