Best Wedding Photographers in Toronto and GTA

Best Wedding Photographers in Toronto and GTA (Greater Toronto Area) |Your wedding day is the start of a new love journey. This is why wedding photographers have an essential job in capturing your special day. Although there are moments that will remain etched in our hearts and minds, photos are memories that we can cherish and keep forever. Images are like time machines that take us back and allow us to relive the important chapters of our lives.

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wedding photography is a beautiful art, and everyone has their own style and preferences. It is therefore important to choose wedding photographers who understand and know how to capture the essence of the wedding and include it in the photos. If you are someone looking for a good wedding photographer, this blog is for you!

Toronto is a beautiful city full of destination wedding venues. Toronto couples can easily book the destination of their choice and hire the best team of photographers to capture their most precious moments. The average price for a wedding photography in Toronto can range from $3,000 to $4,000 and sometimes exceed $8,000. Packages typically include 8-10 hours of content and two shutters. In Canada (outside the GTA), couples typically pay between $2,500 and $3,500 for wedding photography services.

This article will go over the process of hiring a great and best wedding photographer in Toronto and GTA.

Best Wedding Photographers in Toronto and GTA

1. Wedding Diary

Wedding Diary is a team of experienced professional photographers, filmmakers and photo book experts.
They approach weddings in a documentary and artistic way, trying to tell the story of your special day in an honest and understated way. Their images are warm, romantic and intimate. The members of the Wedding Diary team are true angle artists. Wedding Diary ranked number one of the best wedding photographers in Toronto and GTA.

Marriage Diary Founder

Prito Reza is one of those artists for whom it is necessary to say “They have this magic eye” which reveals all the passion, emotions and obsession with detail that represent the very essence of Photography. He’s super fun to work with and helps you relax in front of the camera. This great photographer also really knows what to do in your shot and takes great pictures. His frame, his photography and his sense of the angle of view will seduce you for sure. The Wedding Diary team will organize a beautiful and distinctive event of your special day without worries. So, when it comes to choosing the best wedding photographer, Wedding Diary must be counted in your shortlist.

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Contact : +1 647-862-9693
Website :

2. Alex Larkins

Alex Larkin is a well known photographer based in Toronto, worked in New York City for 6 years doing photography and editing. He is one of Toronto’s most talented and hardworking fashion photographers. This talented artist knows his technical set perfectly, but he also has the ability to make you feel very comfortable and beautiful on your special day, which not all photographers can do. He is also very punctual to respond to requests and pleasant to work with.


3. Aniket Sananse Weddings

Aniket Sananse Weddings is a Toronto-based wedding photographer for fun, creative couples looking for casual, non-cheesy, informal photos that bring out someone’s raw emotions. Principal photographer of the Aniket Sananse Weddings team, Aniket ensures that each image captured delivers a special moment and emotion of her wedding day. It offers services including one event per day, second photographer, overtime, high resolution images, multiple locations, slideshow and toning. In Toronto, Aniket gained name and fame for his style of photography.


4. Bright Weddings

Luminous Weddings is a Toronto-based photography company that specializes in classic yet candid photos that have the creativity one is looking for. They photograph a limited number of weddings each year and only work with couples who share their core values. Luminous Weddings offers a number of reasonably priced services for weddings.
If someone wants emotion + energy and less stress on their wedding day, Luminous Weddings would be the right choice for them.

Address: 1444 Dupont Street #3A, Toronto, ON M6P 4H3, Canada

5. Toronto Wedding Studios

Toronto Wedding Studios is a professional and friendly team of creative wedding photographers. The team is adept at finding beautiful light and anticipating beautiful moments, allowing team members to capture consistent, high-quality images. Their approach to wedding photography is subtle, understated and primarily a mix of photojournalism and portraiture. Toronto Wedding Studios offers photography services including one event a day, 2nd shooter, overtime, boudoir session, engagement session, high res, liability insurance, multi. places, throw the dress. For nice services and shooting, Toronto wedding studios has become one of Toronto and GTA photographers.

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Address: 50 Carroll St, Toronto, ON M4M 3G3, Canada

6. AD Photography

DA Photography by Dragi Andovski is especially known for capturing a clean, modern look to traditional photos. Wedding photography for couples looking for a mix of photojournalistic, contemporary and traditional imagery and professional corporate portraits that are far from cheesy and stiff is one of DA Photography’s specialties. The passion and greatest asset of the team is to take the time to put each client at ease.
For passion, the unique and creative way of capturing DA Photography has become one of the biggest names in the photography industry in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Instagram Weddings:
Facebook page:

7. Dan Berger Photography

Dan Berger is a wedding and portrait photographer who will make your big day amazing. He is basically a wedding photographer based in Toronto but serving the entire GTA, Durham Region and beyond, best known for his artistic style in shooting. Her passion for photography is driven by a desire to make sure you feel comfortable, confident and empowered to be yourself. Dan Berger Photography offers One Event a Day, 2nd Shooter, Overtime, Boudoir Shoot, Engagement Shoot, High Res, Multi. places, throwing away the dress and the leaving package from her wedding shoot is
$1,600 and the most popular plan is


8. Honey Photography

Honey Photography is a GTA-based wedding photography team specializing in wilderness weddings, backyard weddings, farm weddings and runaways for adventurous couples across Ontario. Sarah is the lead photographer for this team, her goal is to capture your unique wedding story in an authentic and raw way. The weddings she primarily shoots are very unique, including backyard weddings, field runaways on private property, and farm weddings. This singularity makes her one of the best photographers in GTA. If booking the big day for your big day, Honey Photography should be on your list.


9. Purple Tree Wedding Photography

Purple Tree Wedding Photography is a Toronto-based team of talented and passionate photographers who love weddings and all things love. They are friendly, funny and easy to work with. The team offers photography services including 2nd shooter, overtime, custom graphics, engagement shoots, high resolution, liability insurance, multi. locations and their shooting price starts from $4300 and the most popular plan of their service would cost $6600. If you’re ready to hire Purple Tree wedding photography, contact the Purple Tree wedding photography team today for more information and to schedule a consultation at their lovely downtown studio.

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Instagram: @Purpletreewedding


Cafa Liu is a Toronto-based wedding photographer who captures wedding moments from a special “Cafa” angle and creates loving memories with passion. His shooting style is very photojournalistic/artistic/creative/unique. Cafa is a lover of candid shots, focusing on the moment that happens on your big day. All his shots are candid without posing, except portrait session. He likes to focus on the real story that happened on the special day and unfold the moments through all the photos that support each other.
So, if you are someone who would like to be artistically and creatively captured on your wedding day, Cafa Liu would be a great choice for you.

Instagram: @Cafaliu

11. Photographed by Beatrice

Photographed By Beatrice is a Greater Toronto Area (GTA) photography company that provides photography services to individuals and businesses. The team, photographed by Beatrice, specializes in capturing every moment of your special day in photojournalistic style. Béatrice is the main artist/photographer of the team. She is flexible and happy to work with any requirements a client desires.
Her wedding packages also include a free engagement photoshoot. In GTA, Photographed By Beatrice would be a better choice for your wedding photography in case their capture style and package price are both worthy of your budget.



Thanks to this article, you will be able to know the Best Wedding Photographers in Toronto and GTA. Hope this helps you when you want to know more or need to hire a photographer for a wedding shoot. From now on, I hope you can easily make the decision to hire the photographer of your choice in Toronto and GTA, because you know who will be the best for you and who you will take your service from. Thanks for reading this. Stay tuned with us.

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