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Bee Love Slater He is a black transgender from South Florida, was killed. Investigators have not announced suspects or clues, and the sheriff's office told reporters they could not tell if the spooky homicide was a hate crime. Here are some lesser known facts that you want to know about the Bee Love Slater.

Bee Love Slater becomes the eighteenth black trans woman murdered this year

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On the morning of September 4, Hendry Country sheriff's agents put out the flames of a PT Cruiser in a rural neighborhood of Clewiston, Florida. Inside were the charred remains of Bee Love Slater, a black transgender woman. She was 23 years old.

The Washington Post reports that while the police have not yet identified any suspect or candidate, the sheriff's office is reluctant to classify Slater's murder as a hate crime. "We still can't say it's a hate crime because we don't know what the reason was" Hendry County Sheriff's Office Captain Susan Harrell told ABC 7. “A hate crime is a little more than that. It's a charge of improvement. "

While the motive for Slater's murder remains unclear, his death contributes to an alarming trend of transgender black women who have been murdered this year. According to the Human Rights Campaign, Slater is the 18th since January to suffer such a horrible fate.

Prior to his murder, the Washington Post notes that Slater feared for his safety:

But more recently, Slater began posting on Facebook that he had received harassment messages that scared her, a friend told Out Magazine. He reportedly sent a text message to a friend telling him that he wanted to leave the city the night he died. "He posted messages saying he felt that people were chasing her to attack and hurt her, and that he had a conversation with one of his best friends the day he was killed saying he wanted to leave." her friend Antorris Williams told Out. "She was willing to sleep in her car until she found a job and things of that nature."

The car in which it was discovered was "Singed to its metal structure" so the sheriff’s office was unable to determine the cause of Slater’s death. But both friends and transgender activists want more than answers, they want justice.

"Our society needs to work to ensure that trans people can live without fear" The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida said in a statement. On September 6 there was a candlelight vigil for Slater.

Bee Love Death

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How was Bee Love killed?

Bee Love Slater was the last victim in an alarming trend, as transgender killings are rising across the United States, particularly in Florida, where hate crime statute does not apply to people attacked by their gender identity. Police discovered the severely burned body of Bee Love Slater inside his car at dawn on September 4.

Slater's body was found on the edge of Harlem, Florida, a small community about 65 miles west of West Palm Beach. Slater lived about 32 miles away around the southern bend of Lake Okeechobee in Pahokee, Florida, an economically depressed city best known for producing NFL talent. His friends say Slater, who made the transition of his gender earlier this year, wanted to save money to move to Atlanta, where he believed people would accept his transgender identity more.

At least 18 transgender people have been killed in the United States this year, according to human rights campaign advocates who track homicides. Last year, defenders counted 26 murders, including five in Florida, the highest number in any state.

What was the reason behind Bee Love's death?

Bee Love Slater, a black transgender woman, was found dead in her burning car in South Florida in what is being investigated as a homicide. His death marks the eighteenth murder of a transgender person in the United States this year, according to the Human Rights Campaign.

So far, the sheriff's office says "there is no evidence" about the cause of his death, partly because his car burned against his metal frame. Meanwhile, his friends and defenders of the rights of transgender people demand justice.

Where was Bee Love born?

Remembering his first years of life, Bee Love was born in South Florida, USA. UU. She is of American nationality and belongs to the African American ethnic group. Details about his parents and his childhood have not yet been revealed. Similarly, information about their education has not yet been disclosed. In the case of an update, we will let you know.

How tall was Bee Love?

Before his death, Bee Love has a decent height and weight with curly black hair and brown eyes. Your other body information has not yet been disclosed. In case of disclosure, we will let you know.

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