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Plot: Antarjal (2023)

In the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a hidden threat emerges on the dark web, posing a cyber threat to nations. The youth of Bangladesh are throwing themselves into the fight against this invisible force, striving to save their country from impending social crises.

Summary: Antarjal (2023)

“Antarjal” depicts the struggle of Bangladeshi youth against an enigmatic internet-based entity that aims to weaken the nation. Young talents are joining forces to counter this threat and save Bangladesh from a perilous situation.

Review: Antarjal (2023)

Although the trailer is not available in this context, “Antarjal” promises a gripping story of young heroes fighting against an invisible force that threatens their country. The trailer likely gives some insight into the intense struggle and digital conflict depicted in the film.


– Jannatul Ferdous Oishee
–Faisal Ahmed
– Shantonu Shaan
Shatabdi Wadud
Shahiduzzaman Selim
– Misha Sawdagor
-Arifin Shuvo
sunny sanwar
– Takes Sen Gupta
Taskin Rahman
-Ahmed Mostofa Raktim
– Sadia Nabila

“Antarjal” features a talented cast, including accomplished actors who bring their characters to life and contribute to the film’s captivating narrative.

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