Anne Edward Labels Meghan Markle ‘Evil Duchess’ and Vows to Erase Her Name from Royal History

In a surprising turn of events, Princess Anne and Prince Edward appear to have taken an unexpected stance against Meghan Markle, in a bid to remove what they call the “evil duchess” from the annals of royal history. Meghan Markle appears panicked as this revelation emerges from the book “Endgame”, written by Om Scobby. The book suggests that Princess Anne and Prince Edward have started what can only be described as a war against Meghan Markle.

For those who have been following the ongoing saga involving Meghan and Harry, it is known that they have been accused of conspiring against attention-seeking royals, even after stepping back from senior royal duties. However, the latest reports indicate that Princess Anne and Prince Edward have joined forces to erase Meghan from the royal narrative. According to the book’s revelations, Princess Anne played a leading role in convincing King Charles to cut off the Sussexes’ access to Frogmore House, which was initially given to them as a residence during their visits to the United Kingdom. Naturally, questions have been raised over the use of this second-tier listed residence since Meghan and Harry stepped down from senior royal duties.

Princess Anne is portrayed as taking a tough stance, while Prince Edward is described as being concerned about the potential impact on Meghan and Harry’s mental well-being. The book delves into letters allegedly exchanged between Meghan and Harry, expressing their deep sadness at the delay in receiving titles for their children, Archie and Lilibet. The delay is believed to be because it took Buckingham Palace six months to update the main headlines on their news page on the website. The Sussexes compared their treatment to that of Prince William and Princess Kate.

Additionally, the book claims that King Charles declined an invitation to attend Princess Lilibet’s christening due to scheduling conflicts, adding another layer of tension between the royal family and the Sussexes. But the drama doesn’t end there.

The book also delves into the tumultuous relationship between Meghan and Princess Kate. According to “Endgame,” Kate seemed visibly uncomfortable whenever Meghan’s name was mentioned and seemed to spend more time discussing Meghan than anyone else.

The book even touches on the events surrounding Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, during which senior members of the Windsor family, including Queen Camilla, Princess Kate and Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, reportedly tried to avoid Meghan at the Westminster Institute .

As we wade through these explosive claims, it’s important to note that Buckingham Palace has chosen not to comment on excerpts from the book. This leaves us all in a state of contemplation as to the veracity of these allegations.

Looking back, it’s quite intriguing that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle thought Buckingham Palace wouldn’t function properly without their presence, especially since nearly four years have passed since their departure. They insisted on respecting their privacy while apparently invading that of many family members, including the Queen herself.

It now appears that the Sussexes can move forward and enjoy the freedom and independence they were seeking. However, they may not fully understand the reasons for Buckingham Palace’s resilience. Instead of decline, the British monarchy experienced a resurgence and revitalization, with the king taking his mother’s place and the queen defying opponents with unwavering dedication and diligence.

It is worth noting that the Prince and Princess of Wales have maintained a flawless record compared to less prominent royals. Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh, who has also taken on important responsibilities, seems to work quite harmoniously within the royal framework.

The “Endgame” revelations have certainly sparked a new chapter in the ongoing royal saga, filled with intrigue, tension and questions about the future of the monarchy.


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