Adil Khan Durrani

Early life:

Adil Durrani, a notable Indian businessman, gained attention mainly for his association with famous actress Rakhi Sawant. He was born on December 15, 1994 in the charming city of Mysore, Karnataka, India. His early education was at Marimallappa High School in Mysore.

NameAdil Durrani
BirthdayDecember 15, 1994
Age29 years
Place of birthMysore, Karnataka, India
Lives inMysore, Karnataka, India
Weight5 feet 6 inches
Hair colorBlack
Net value$1-3 million (approximately)
ReligionNon published
active yearsNon published
PriceNon published
Foster mother Non published

Family life:

Adil’s family includes his mother, Mumtaz Durrani, and sister, Helly Lather. Although information about his father is not publicly available, Adil’s close-knit family background played an important role in his life.


Adil Durrani’s professional journey revolves around the field of business. He is widely recognized for his role as the husband of famous Indian actress Rakhi Sawant. Despite the controversies and media attention surrounding their relationship, Adil has managed to keep certain aspects of his personal life private.

Apart from his association with Rakhi Sawant, Adil is known for venturing into the automobile industry. According to his social media profiles, he is associated with ‘StreetCars Premium’, a used car dealership located in Mysuru, Karnataka. Additionally, he is the owner of “AD Feel”. Think. Drive. ”, an automobile manufacturer also based in Mysuru.

Personal details:

– Full name: Adil Khan Durrani
– Nickname: Adil Khan
– Profession: Businessman
– Religion: Islam
– Place of birth: Mysore, Karnataka
– Nationality: Indian
– Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
– Education: Adil holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Vidhyaashram First Grade College, Mysore, Karnataka.

Physical appearance:

– Height: 168 cm (1.68 meters or 5 feet 6 inches)
– Weight: 60kg
– Age (from 2023): 30 years
– Eye color: Black
– Hair color: Black


Adil Durrani came into the limelight when he became Rakhi Sawant’s husband. Their relationship became a subject of media fascination due to Rakhi Sawant’s outspoken and controversial personality. Despite the challenges and public attention, the couple persevered, showing resilience in the face of the ups and downs of public life.


Adil Durrani, as Rakhi Sawant’s husband, maintains a certain level of enigma in the eyes of the audience. His ability to balance supporting his wife’s public persona while maintaining her private life is admirable. Beyond the controversies, Adil continues to live with Rakhi Sawant by his side, demonstrating their mutual commitment. Although much about his personal life remains private, Adil’s journey through the world of business and entertainment continues to intrigue those who follow their story.

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