We found out why Sharon Stone crossed her legs in ‘Basic Instinct’

We found out why Sharon Stone crossed her legs in ‘Basic Instinct’

It was last March when actress Sharon Stone confessed, in an excerpt from her memoirs in ‘Vanity Fair’, that she was tricked into not wearing un der we ar in the famous leg-crossing scene in the movie ‘Basic Instinct’, a tape directed by Paul Verhoeven, and that forever changed his career in Hollywood. According to the interpreter, a member of the production team told her to take off her un der we ar to record a shot of her, guaranteeing that nothing would be seen.

Apparently, she made the excuse that her white panties reflected the light and prevented the scene from being shot properly. Sharon Stone first saw her mythical leg crossing in “a room full of agents and lawyers.”

“That’s how I saw my vagina on the screen for the first time, after being assured: ‘We won’t see anything, we just need you to take off your panties because white reflects light.'”

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Now, the director Paul Verhoeven has granted an interview with the magazine ‘Variety’ to deny the controversial statements of the actress. “My memory is radically different from Sharon’s. That is not a problem and it has nothing to do with the wonderful way she brought the character of Catherine Tramell to life. She was absolutely phenomenal”, and even” we still have a cordial relationship and exchange text messages … but her version is impossible. She knew exactly what we were doing.”

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