Tom Bower’s Latest Statement on Meghan Markle Leaves Her in Tears Following King Charles’ Announcement

King Charles recently marked the 60th anniversary of Kenya’s independence from British rule by reflecting on his previous travels to Africa in a public speech during a tour of the country. The revelation comes after famed royal writer Tom Bower drew criticism from Meghan Markle for his book “Revenge,” which contained unsubstantiated accusations. Bower, however, remains a well-known expert in Britain.

In an interview with GB News, Bower suggested that King Charles was forced to visit Africa shortly before ascending the throne and that he preferred to visit white Commonwealth states rather than African countries. In contrast, King Charles did not specifically address preferences for Commonwealth countries during his visit to Kenya; instead, he expressed his joy at being in the country and stressed the need to return there during the 60th anniversary of Kenya’s independence.

Bower also took the opportunity to criticize left-wing American academics, accusing them of exaggerating bad aspects of the history of the British Empire. The Mail on Sunday called him “the undisputed general of contemporary biographers” for his previous work, “Rebel Prince”, which examined King Charles.

King Charles has offered his condolences over the Mau Rebellion of the 1950s, which took place in Kenya under British colonial rule and cost a large number of lives. Reparations for colonialism and slavery, which have been controversial issues, including demands for reparations from Caribbean nations, were not specifically mentioned by him.

Bower stressed that the British government could not take legal responsibility for the actions of the British administration in Kenya and vehemently declared that there would be no restitution.


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