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Prince William's role in Harry and Meghan's potential permanent return to the UK has been highlighted by a former royal butler. As Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan plan their visit to the United Kingdom, the Prince of Wales is currently not on good terms with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. However, Prince Harry has confirmed plans to make multiple visits to the UK in 2024. Former Royal butler Grant Herald has stressed the importance of resolving the dispute between Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Prince William before any return to the royal family. Can be considered.

Herald expressed his thoughts to the New York Post, stating that given the circumstances and loss of confidence, it is difficult to determine whether they can return to full-time Royals duties. While acknowledging the possibility of discussions between Prince Harry and his brother about resuming royal duties, he noted that a lot had happened in recent years, making a permanent return unlikely. Reflecting on his experience working within the royal family, Herald recalled the close bond between Prince William and Prince Harry. However, he expressed skepticism about whether their relationship has progressed enough to heal or repair the strained dynamic that has emerged since Prince Harry stepped down as a royal in 2020.

Prince Harry recently revealed in an interview with Good Morning America that he has made several visits to the United Kingdom and is planning another trip in 2024. Meanwhile, Prince William, who recently returned to the United Kingdom, n has not yet reunited with Prince Harry, according to sources. . Princess Eugenie, known for her close bond with Prince Harry, is said to be supporting him amid his ongoing feud with the royal family. Although she is expected to be there for him, it is important to note that Princess Eugenie is not a working member of the royal family.

When it comes to accommodation, Tregolls House in the Isles of Scilly is touted as the cheapest royal residence, with a monthly rent of just over £14,000 and a modest value of £1.3 million. The property offers a four bedroom layout, sleeping up to eight people, with a living room offering stunning views of the sea and local flora. Rooms are spacious and neutrally decorated, catering to different tastes. One of the bathrooms has a separate bath and double sinks, decorated with photographs showcasing the beautiful Cornish countryside.

As current developments unfold, relations between Prince Harry and senior members of the royal family remain strained. Although some speculate about the possibility of a permanent return, it remains uncertain whether the rift can be fully repaired, given the complex history and challenges faced in recent years.

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