Terra Nova Hotel Staff Report Meghan Markle & Prince Annoying Other Guests with Drunken Brawls and Rude Behavior Towards Waiters

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently enjoyed a luxurious trip to Jamaica, following their surprise appearance at the glitzy film premiere of Bob Marley's 'One Love' in Kingston. The couple, making a rare public appearance on January 23, posed on the red carpet, even sharing moments with Bob Marley's family. Ahead of the premiere, it was revealed the Sussexes had spent the night at the lavish Half Moon Resort in Montego Bay. Four-bedroom villas at this lavish retreat reportedly cost $4,300 per night, especially in the eclipse section, known for its private beach, intimate swimming cove and resort security.

From there, they moved to Kingston, where they enjoyed a private tour of the Bob Marley Museum during the day. According to Lacier Gay Taylor, attorney for the Bob Marley group, the couple spent about an hour exploring the exhibit. After the day's activities, Harry and Meghan attended the evening premiere, encountering an awkward moment with Ziggy Marley, with details revealed by a lip reader.

After the premiere, the Sussexes, along with 60 other attendees, reportedly joined an afterparty at the five-star Terra Nova Hotel in Kingston. The couple, described as being in good spirits, enjoyed cocktails and partied the night away. However, a source close to hotel staff claimed substances were used to improve the atmosphere, and there were reports of rude behavior towards cleaning staff. Questions were raised about their seating at the premiere, away from other important guests, and the lack of Afterparty photos, suggesting skepticism about the entire narrative.

Some have speculated that the story of Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez luring Harry and Meghan for a party might be more plausible. A senior source in the Democratic Party in the United States pointed out that the prospect of last week's events could benefit Meghan, known for her political ambitions. With the upcoming election year, Megan's active participation in the anti-Trump campaign is expected. Some voices are even calling for the removal of titles and removal of the line of succession for Harry and his descendants, citing their increasing involvement in politics.


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