Simon Cowell Rejects Meghan Markle’s Request to Join ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judging Panel: A Resounding No

It looks like the spotlight is fading for Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. Following alleged drama at a recent KY Jeans fashion event in Rio, another setback comes as music mogul and talent show creator Simon Cowell reportedly turned down Markle’s request to join the jury for the next 2025 season of America’s Got Talent (AGT). Sources close to Cowell reveal that he received a direct email from Markle expressing interest in the role, but his response was quick and definitive: a resounding no.

This reported rejection has sparked speculation, raising questions about whether Markle is facing ostracization from Hollywood. Markle’s desire to join AGT isn’t surprising given the show’s massive audience and history of launching careers in entertainment. So why did Simon Cowell reject her so emphatically? Theories abound. Some suggest Cowell might doubt Markle’s qualifications as a judge. AGT typically features seasoned industry veterans, and Markle’s acting background may not have the depth of experience that Cowell is looking for in judges.

Another theory revolves around potential personality conflicts. Cowell is known for his quick wit and honest criticism, while Markle has been seen as sensitive and easily offended. It’s speculated that Cowell, ever the savvy businessman, may want to avoid potential drama from a volatile judge on the AGT set.

The rejection comes amid a narrative that Markle has struggled to establish herself in Hollywood since leaving royal duties. Despite signing lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify, concrete projects have remained few and far between, leading to reports of creative conflicts and difficulty securing high-profile collaborations.

Markle’s supporters vehemently defend her, attributing her rejection to sexism and racism in Hollywood. They argue that his qualifications are being unfairly dismissed and that Cowell’s decision smacks of Hollywood elitism. Critics point out, however, that Markle’s desire for the spotlight doesn’t always equate to the work needed. They argue that a royal title and marriage to a celebrity should not automatically grant one a coveted seat in a prestigious talent competition.

The silence from Markle’s representatives and Cowell’s camp only adds to the intrigue. It’s unclear whether this setback is temporary or indicates deeper problems. Nonetheless, Markle’s journey to reinvent herself as a Hollywood powerhouse faces unforeseen obstacles, and her ability to meet Hollywood’s challenges will be scrutinized in the coming days.


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