Sharon Stone Says She Was Tricked Into Basic Instinct Leg Crossing Scene

Sharon Stone Says She Was Tricked In Basic Instinct Leg Crossing Scene

One of the most iconic moments in the erotic thriller Basic Instinct sees Sharon Stone murder suspect Catherine Trammel expose herself to police by uncrossing and recrossing her legs, revealing the fact that she’s not wearing any underwear. . It’s one of the most commented on aspects of the movie, often more frequently than the actual plot, but Stone now claims she was tricked into shooting it.

In her upcoming memoir The Beauty of Living Twice (in which she also recalls producers trying to coerce her into having sex with her co-stars), she recounts filming the notorious scene. After a take of Catherine’s interrogation, she was asked to remove her underwear and told that her white coloring showed under the lighting and therefore sounded fake that she was going commando, but was assured that nothing would be seen, on which she was filmed without her knowledge.

To make matters worse, the first time she found out what had happened was during a screening in “a room full of agents and lawyers, most of whom had nothing to do with with the project”. After slapping director Paul Verhoeven, she contacted his lawyer, with whom she discussed taking an injunction against the film because it violated rules set by the Screen Actors Guild for an actor to be filmed from this manner without his consent.

Although she rejected Verhoeven’s position that she was just an actress and therefore had no power, Stone ultimately decided to let the situation slide, believing that even if the way the plan was achieved was sleazy, it fit both the movie and the film. character.

Basic Instinct is, for better or worse, one of the most notorious films of the 90s, as the scene in question has been endlessly referenced and parodied in the years since. However, it now bears witness to the contempt that Hollywood forces women to endure in order to practice their art.

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