Shameless? Meghan Markle and Ari Clash as CEO Rejects Purchase of Nobel Peace Prize for Charity Work

Meghan and Ari find themselves in conflict as the CEO refuses to buy a Nobel Prize for her charitable work, sparking questions about shame. Meghan and Harry's decision to name their child Lilibet without asking permission from anyone, including Queen Elizabeth, is causing a stir. Without claiming expertise in royal protocol, it seems quite bold to suggest that the Queen, as head of the monarchy, should stay out of such an important decision, especially when the name has sentimental value to her. The real kicker comes from fans who boldly declare Meghan and Harry as the most famous and successful Royals in history.

Skepticism arises, given the vast scope of history and the many iconic figures of the royal family over the centuries. The suggestion that Meghan and Harry have surpassed the influence of centuries of royal lineage during their relatively short time in the spotlight raises eyebrows. The controversy deepened with demands for a Nobel Prize and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Nobel Peace Prize is usually awarded for significant contributions to peace, not for high-profile interviews or a certain lifestyle. Likewise, Meghan and Harry are not known for their musical prowess or their groundbreaking contributions to rock and roll. Naming rights aside, the sensitivity and respect surrounding the use of the family's deeply personal and historical nicknames causes controversy.

As we navigate this surreal story, it is crucial to maintain a sense of reality. Meghan and Harry, while public figures subject to intense scrutiny, are not immune to criticism for their actions, choices and public statements. The idea of ​​a Nobel Peace Prize at a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction seems far-fetched, to put it mildly.

Separately, British broadcaster Piers Morgan continues to mock Harry and Megan, calling them favorites while criticizing their alleged statements about their daughter's name. Morgan, on his talk show, discussed Queen Elizabeth II's alleged anger over the name Lilibet. He expressed irritation with the couple for their statements, but drew laughter when he playfully called them his favorites. Morgan highlighted the couple's tendency to share family secrets and criticized their relationship with the family, suggesting it is more of a financial endeavor than a true connection.

In Harmon's book, an employee claimed that Queen Elizabeth II was extremely angry about the name choice, but Harry and Megan contradicted this, saying she gave the baby her blessing.


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