Seeking Return to Royal Family, Using Prince Harry as a Shield

Meghan Markle has made headlines again, and this time it’s for what some are calling a brazen attempt to return to the royal family, with Prince Harry seemingly caught in the middle. According to a royal expert, Meghan has faced a strong wave of public opinion, including criticism over her actions as a member of the royal family. She is said to have encouraged Harry to leave his homeland and distance himself from his family. In fact, this expert suggests that Meghan packed her bags and returned to the US, vowing to never set foot in the UK again because she couldn’t be the star she wanted to be.

However, while some have urged her to reconsider, it appears Meghan’s decision to leave the country is entirely her own. Expert Charles Ray even suggests that Meghan may not have fully understood the dynamics within the royal family and may have had unrealistic expectations.

It’s clear that Meghan aspired to become a central figure in the royal family, perhaps even dreaming of one day becoming queen. But as reality set in, it became clear that her position was not as glamorous as she had hoped. Some critics say Meghan underestimated the traditions and hierarchy within the monarchy, leading to disappointment and frustration.

Now, as rumors swirl about a potential return, many are questioning Meghan’s motivations. Some believe that for her it’s all about money and status, while others doubt her sincerity in wanting to join the royal fold.

Regardless, it’s clear that Meghan’s relationship with the royal family remains strained, with ongoing tensions on both sides. It remains to be seen whether she will one day regain her place within the monarchy.

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