Samantha’s Attorney Critiques Meghan Markle Following Thomas’s Revelations of Damaging Evidence in Recent Lawsuit

The latest bombshell comes straight from Samantha’s lawyer, Peter Turton, who confirmed that Thomas Markle, Meghan’s father, was preparing to spill the tea. The defamation lawsuit has reached the discovery stage, and Meghan and her father will be deposed during this legal showdown. Turton dropped the bomb by declaring that the first deposition would be none other than that of Thomas Markle himself. Meghan is expected to be deposed near the end of the discovery phase. But here’s the catch: If Meghan refuses to cooperate, a motion to compel her deposition will be filed with the court.

But that’s not all. Turton, the legal maestro of this royal court drama, plans to contact the palace to see if William and Kate have anything to add. And if that’s not enough to pique your interest, Turton revealed there’s an 80% chance Prince Harry will end up in the hot seat. Yes, Harry might face some tough questions. It’s like the royal family’s courtroom reality show: Move over, Judge Judy!

Now let’s move on to Samantha’s defamation trial. She accuses Meghan of making blatantly false and malicious statements during the Oprah Winfrey interview. According to court documents, Samantha alleges that Meghan claimed she was raised as an only child, which humiliated Samantha. But Samantha isn’t in it for the money; she wants the truth. She thinks Meghan is a liar and that the deposition is an opportunity to clear her name. Samantha wants to have her day in court, and she doesn’t care about the dollar amount: the claim is only a fraction of the lawsuit, just $755,000.

And let’s not forget Thomas, the father caught in the crossfire. Reports suggest he is ready to protect Samantha and expose Meghan’s lies. In his last interview with Samantha, you could feel their eagerness to spill the beans. Thomas even hinted that he was going to burn all the evidence. The father-daughter relationship has taken a nosedive and it looks like Thomas Markle is ready to air the dirty laundry.

Now here’s a heartbreaking revelation: It appears that Thomas Markle cashed out a significant portion of his retirement funds for Meghan’s education at Northwestern University instead of a more formal, more affordable university in California.


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