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king king rodriguez (March 13, 1978) is a photographer, visual artist and
contractor. He is known worldwide for his stardom, street, dark and combat sports
photography. He was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, and moved to South Florida at a young age. He is the founder of the brand and the company The Spirit of Rey Rey, a media and branding platform that incorporates his diverse range of artistic abilities. Rey Rey’s art style is largely inspired by his troubled childhood, life experiences and environment, and encapsulates the essence of human emotions like pain, despair, lust and anger.

Fast facts

Birth name

Rey Paul Rodriguez

NotMarch 13, 1978
Age44 years
Place of birthRio Piedras, Puerto Rico
OccupationEntrepreneur, Influencer, Photographer, Founder of The Mind of Rey Rey


king king rodriguez was born March 13, 1978, in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, but moved to South Florida with his family. He studied at Miramar High School.


He enrolled at Broward Community College in 2003. Rodriguez earned a bachelor’s degree in film and video and a minor in photography from Florida Atlantic University in 2009.



king king rodriguez started creating horror photoshoots and short films as a hobby, and uploading everything to social media. He then started working as a freelance and pro bono photographer while building his portfolio.


His ties to non-mainstream underground circles and individuals such as outcasts, thugs, fighters, alternative lifestyle communities, private events, fraternities, piercing and body modification groups, and several other people who enjoyed a taboo lifestyle, allowed him to shoot a mix of controversial artworks ranging from experimental, avant-garde, erotic, taboo, horror, macabre and morbid photo shoots and shorts.

To forbid

While his unorthodox collections have been banned in many places and online platforms, he has developed a huge loyal underground following within a community of people he likes to call, “dark, artistic weirdos like me. “.

work and success

The creative stories behind the imagery and masterful methods of capturing the shots, combined with his unparalleled marketing campaigns, quickly spawned a new celebrity photographer capable of reaching star status beyond the artistic community.


With growing popularity, Rodriguez quickly introduced his aggressive style to the world of combat sports, revolutionizing the industry by combining fine art photography and photojournalism in the world of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), martial arts mixed (MMA) and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ).

Beginning of The Spirit of Rey Rey

In 2014, Rey Rey was collaborating with celebrities, athletes, musicians, combat sports fighters, politicians, activists, big business and public figures of all kinds, and soon his company and brand The Mind of Rey Rey were born.

king of underground art

king king rodriguez remains sought after for his famous commercial, fine art, street, dark and combat sports photography. Although he is mentioned among the greats of photography, he is above all proud of his title of “Underground Art King”. His media and branding/marketing company The Mind of Rey Rey helps other people, brands and businesses grow their brand and online presence.


Did you know…

  • Rodriguez is best known for his art style that inhabits a darker side that draws inspiration from his life experiences and surroundings.
  • His work has been featured in HuffPost, The MMA corner, The Hype Magazine, Vogue Magazine, This is 50, and more.

<<Facts About Rey Rey Rodriguez>>>

  • Rey Rey Rodriguez has over $132,000 followers on his Facebook account: @themindofreyrey
  • He was a high school dropout and decided to get an education at age 25.
  • He earned a GED, two associate degrees, and a bachelor’s degree.
  • He received the Irene Fischley Achievement Award.
  • Rey Rey worked as a paramedic for over 14 years.
  • While working as a paramedic on television sets, he was used twice to act as a paramedic.
  • On Shaq’s Big Challenge with Shaquille O’Neal, and on Caso Cerrado alongside Ana Maria Polo.
  • His favorite sports to watch and play as a child were boxing and martial arts.
  • He suffered from asthma as a child, but soon lost it in his teens when jogging became a daily hobby.

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