Prince Harry’s Royal Status Revoked as King Charles Battles Cancer; Name Removed from Royal Website

The rumor that Meghan Markle would appear in the upcoming 'Suits' reboot has been dismissed by a royal expert. Richard Fitzwilliams, speaking to The Sun, said it would be a regressive and comical move for the Duchess if she were to return to acting. A recent report from the Daily Express suggested that the mother-of-two could consider giving acting another chance by starring in a spin-off of the popular legal drama series, which originally aired between 2011 and 2019. The expert commented that going back to “The Suits” would be a step backwards, noting the numerous reports of Megan's potential projects not coming to fruition.

Although Megan has been under contract with talent agency WME since April of the previous year, no specific projects have yet been officially announced. Fitzwilliams explained, “If Megan came back to 'Suits,' it would be very ironic and quite comedic. You have shows like 'South Park' and other comedians that make fun of them. However, you shouldn't write them off because they “They are unpredictable and like to surprise people.”

Additionally, it was reported that Megan and Harry were blacklisted from the Grammy Awards, Super Bowl, and Oscars. The source mentioned that Megan was looking for the best parking in Los Angeles to make it look like she was too busy to attend these events. The source also claimed that Harry was expecting a recording award nomination, but was ultimately disappointed. They had planned a big party, and the arrangements for the celebrations following the event are still undecided due to uncertainty over their presence.

Regarding the Oscars, Megan's team allegedly spread rumors about negotiations between the academy and WME for her to present an award. She also leaked a story about their plans to attend the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party. However, they reportedly failed to secure an invite to Elton John's famous Oscar fundraising after-party, despite their efforts over the years. As Megan's desperation seems to grow, it's hard to predict what lies ahead.

Additionally, Megan was left out of a Super Bowl commercial featuring the cast of “Suits.” The championship game, which will be played at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, marks the first time Nevada has hosted a Super Bowl. The event is highly anticipated, with various parties, concerts and celebrity tailgates scheduled. Notable personalities such as Kris Jenner, Rita Ora and Kate McKinnon are expected to attend. The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched television events in the United States, attracting approximately 115 million viewers last year. Advertisers pay large sums for in-game commercials, with CBS reportedly selling 30-second spots for up to $7 million this year.

Despite Megan's alleged relationship with the Paramount CEO, the company reportedly refused to offer her an advertising deal or help her secure Super Bowl tickets.

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