Prince Harry Reveals Sensational Secrets of His and Meghan’s Steamy Romance

Prince Harry gives fans insight into his romance with Meghan Markle

Prince Harry has revealed very raunchy details about his intimate moments with Meghan Markle at Soho House at the start of their relationship.

The Duke of Sussex, in his bombshell book Spare, proudly recalls the cherished times he and Meghan reunited in London after spending weeks apart in the summer of 2016.

Harry was quick to reveal that he and Meghan spent the night at one of the Soho House branches on the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death.

Harry described how he waited ‘breathlessly’ outside Meghan’s bedroom until she opened the door and ‘pulled me inside’.

Lilibet and Archie’s father Harry hinted at the heated clinch that followed his wife and Meghan’s reunion, saying: ‘I mean we hung a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door . But I don’t think there was time.”

Prince Harry reveals the sensational secrets of his steamy romance with Meghan

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