Prince Harry Reclaims Sussex Title and Vows Never to Leave UK, Asserting His Position

Rumors are swirling that Prince Harry may be considering returning to royal duties in light of his father King Charles' recent cancer diagnosis. The possibility that Prince Harry will resume his royal title and responsibilities due to his father's health. Prince Harry, who resides in the United States, is expected to reclaim his royal title and resume his duties as a working member of the royal family. King Charles' cancer diagnosis potentially prompted this decision. However, it is important to note that Prince Harry made his position on returning to royal life clear about a year ago. During an appearance on Good Morning America, he firmly stated that he thought it was unlikely he would join the royal family. Even if there was an agreement between him and his family, there are external factors that would prevent their return, making this scenario almost impossible.

While King Charles is on leave from public life to undergo cancer treatment, the lack of working royals raises the question of whether Prince Harry, living in the United States, would be able to support his father and the royal family. Reports suggest Harry is willing to temporarily take over while his father receives cancer treatment. However, Buckingham Palace denied Harry's claim that he had expressed a willingness to take the lead. The terms agreed when the Sussexes retired from royal duties in 2020 remain unchanged, regardless of the king's illness.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle currently reside in California with their two children. They announced their last engagement as working royals in March 2020. Prince Harry is known for his humanitarian work, veterans' advocacy efforts, mental health initiatives, and environmental activism. Meghan Markle, on the other hand, is described as a feminist and a champion of human rights and gender equality.

It should be noted that use of and the former website launched after Prince Harry's retirement from royal duties in 2020 is prohibited. As Meghan Markle embarks on her new podcast venture, she must learn from her previous efforts and reveal her true self. A PR expert suggests Megan needs to shed the mask and show the woman behind it to ensure the success of her new podcast series. Recently, the Duchess of Sussex signed a deal with podcast distribution company Lemonada Media, which will distribute both episodes of her previous podcast, “Archewell Audio,” as well as her upcoming series across various platforms. Despite this new partnership, critics have expressed concerns, particularly in light of Spotify's previous firing of Prince Harry. They advise Meghan Markle to exercise caution in her podcast plans, given the scale of the deal signed to produce a single show.

As rumors swirl about Prince Harry's potential return to royal duties following King Charles' cancer diagnosis, the Duke of Sussex has already made it clear that such a scenario is highly unlikely. The terms agreed upon upon his retirement from royal duties in 2020 remain in force, and Buckingham Palace has refuted claims that Harry has expressed a willingness to take on temporary leadership. As the situation develops, we will continue to keep you informed of any further developments regarding the British Royal Family.

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