Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Under Investigation for Unauthorized Use of Royal Title on New Site

Looks like Harry and Meghan are at it again, switching brands and trying to have it both ways. But make no mistake, Sussex, we see through your attempts to reinvent yourself. Last week, Harry and Meg unveiled a new website,, as part of a major online overhaul. And what is the first thing we notice? Their royal titles, front and center, are proudly displayed. Having stepped back from their royal roles, do they now want their titles back? What happened to just using their first name like regular people? It's clear they try to capitalize on their royal status when it suits them.

But here's my question: why all this about-face? If you're done with royal life, be done with it. Stop trying to have one foot in and one foot out. Have some conviction in your decisions. We all know Meghan saw dollar signs in Harry's eyes from the start, but this senseless act just makes them look desperate. And don't even get me started on their website bio. Harry as a humanitarian and mental health advocate? Last time I checked, he was busy cashing Netflix checks and airing his family's grievances. What about Meghan as a feminist champion? More like a nasty diva. Their PR team must be working overtime to tell this story.

I'm sure this all leads to a big royal return when it suits them. As soon as King Charles gives the green light, they will return with a smile on their faces. But we don't buy it. The website is just a front to cover up their tarnished image.

Ultimately, actions speak louder than false branding. If they truly want to embrace civilian life, they must fully commit and stop playing the victim card. So, Sussex, it's time to own your choices and move forward without the crutch of the royal title.


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