Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Face Fan Backlash with Loud Boos During Faux Royal Engagements

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made appearances at concerts and hockey games, desperately clinging to their royal aesthetic as if they were drowning sailors clutching wreckage. The twist in the tale? Insisting on being called the Duke and Duchess of Sussex feels like an unfortunate sequel to a royal drama that no one asked for. Renowned royal expert Kinsley Scoffield suggests engaged royal watchers might see through the facade, categorizing Harry and Meghan more like celebrities or reality TV stars than actual royalty. However, she points out that perception is reality for those they are trying to impress – those who are still clinging to the fairy tale they wish to tell.

Drawing parallels with Sarah Ferguson’s post-divorce journey, Scoffield highlights the striking similarities in Harry and Meg’s quest to get noticed in America, leveraging their royal associations for financial gain. From partnerships with Oprah Winfrey to Hollywood films and appearances on the Home Shopping Network, the comparison is both stark and newsworthy. However, it is not just about appearances and false commitments. Despite promises made when stepping down from the royal family in 2020, Harry and Meghan continue to use the title Sussex Royal on their website and Instagram account. The Sussex Royal’s inactive Instagram, untouched for three years, still has more than 9 million followers, clinging to a bygone era of royal relevance.

Their website,, features a page titled “In the Service of the Monarchy”, untouched since the death of Queen Elizabeth last September, conveniently omitting any mention of King Charles’ coronation. He exhibits selective amnesia which fits their story. This raises a burning question: what is their purpose? Are they trying to maintain the illusion of a royal connection while carving out a celebrity niche in the United States?

The inconsistencies and selective memory exhibited by Harry and Meg left fans feeling cheated and generating loud boos. In conclusion, their fake royal engagements not only disrespect the monarchy, but also betray the loyal fans who once supported them. Although the curtain has fallen on their royal chapter, the theatricality persists, leaving us wondering if this drama will ever reach its climax or if the stage is forever set for an unwarranted sequel.

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