Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Exchange Blame as They’re Banned From Attending IG 10th Anniversary: Brits Refuse Their Presence

The accidental disclosure of Prince Harry’s planned appearance at the Invictus Games 10th anniversary ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral on May 8 has raised security concerns and potentially jeopardized his participation, according to internal sources cited by the Daily Express. Prince Harry’s team had stressed the importance of maintaining confidentiality regarding the exact date of his appearance due to security concerns in the United Kingdom.

The revelation of details of the service on the official website of St Paul’s Cathedral has heightened fears, particularly in light of revelations made in the Duke of Sussex’s memoir, where he discusses his military service, including his experiences fighting in Afghanistan.

Harry is aware of the potential risks to his safety, especially given the sensitive information he shared in his memoir. The source said that was why his team was adamant about keeping track of him in case they needed to know. In the past, last-minute announcements about Harry’s UK appearances have been made due to security concerns. The fact that St. Paul’s posted the exact time and date of the event he is scheduled to attend on its official website weeks in advance is considered a serious security risk. Last week, exclusively revealed that Harry was due to attend the service at St Paul’s Cathedral on May 8, although the event was not listed on the official website.

Keen observers discovered its inclusion in the service times page from April 14 to May 11. The source mentioned that programs are usually released about six weeks in advance, but events are usually announced in a more visible section of the website, which has not yet been done. Even the President of the United States has a public agenda with specific dates and times. Many events attended by working royals, including the King and Prince of Wales, have clear time and date listings.

The source also pointed out that Harry’s team must take into account that he sometimes confuses his own concerns with real security concerns. It appears he is seeking full police protection and the ability to remain on Crown property to increase his prominence and solidify his ties to the monarchy. If he does not benefit from these privileges, it could serve as an excuse for him to stay at home while blaming the palace, the press and others. However, Harry is not a king, prime minister, president, or important military figure. He is an adult man who must take responsibility for his own protection or choose not to attend.

It’s possible he doesn’t want to come because he’s afraid of facing negative crowds outside of St. Paul’s, and this situation offers him a convenient way out. He might complain and claim it’s a plot by his brother William to take over Instagram or that he’s been disinvited, allowing him to decide why he’s gone.

The organizers of the Invictus Games must be tired of dealing with the disruptive hype brought by this couple, because it undermines the true meaning of the event. Recently, Prince Harry lost a High Court case against the government over the downgrading of his security status when he ceased to be a working royal. He argued he had been treated unfairly in relation to changes to his police protection, despite constant threats to his safety. He is currently appealing the court’s ruling that there was nothing illegal about these security decisions.


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