Prince Harry and Megan have made every wrong move they could make

Prince Harry and Megan had created so I want to talk about some of the things that Megan and Harry did that a normal couple might have done accidentally but the thing with Megan and Harry is they just make the same mistakes again and again and that my friends is certainly not normal.

So first of all Megan and Harry decided to name their invisible daughter Lily lit, they named her after the secular queen nickname she had since she was a young girl, they have claimed that it was a tribute to her and that they had asked permission from the Queen of the Lake before choosing this name, but many people criticized this choice as a violation of the emotional exclusivity of the name Giles Brandreth, which was a friend of the late Prince Philip, said members of the royal family thought the choice was baffling and presumptuous.

For me, the worst thing about taking the queen’s very private moniker is that I’m convinced that this bat Lily doesn’t even exist and she certainly wasn’t born on the 4th of June exactly a year before the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. part of me wishes Harry and Megan could go to jail for everything they did, they are a mean couple.

Harry claims the army was when he was happiest but when in his book he claimed to have killed 25 Taliban members in Afghanistan a war veteran spoke out and they condemned that admission saying he endangered the lives of others who had served with him. Iraq war hero Colonel Tim Collins currently dismissed Harry’s words that we don’t notch gun buds.

In the 90s, the late Princess Diana shared her version of exactly what happened when her marriage broke up and she came to regret doing it through Andrew Morton’s deeply damaging book, Diana, Her True Story, and then Harry’s Spare Book basically caused the same level. in pain but while Diana Rod her revenge without taking a dime, Harry was reportedly given a £16.5million advance.

Harry signed this big multi-million pound deal with Netflix in 2020 to do documentaries and movies and scripted shows and children’s shows too Megan and Harry have created a controversial six-episode series about their lives for Netflix but their infamous interview with Oprah was done by her company and it was aired by CBS.

Generally though problems and hairy experience are always someone else’s fault, Harry really is the prince of grudges isn’t he and he blames his older brother for so many problems in his life, including once wrestling him to the ground and even for Harry. choice we are a nazi uniform for a costume party harry hinted that william suggested he wear a swastika armband although i think ultimately it was harry’s choice and harry’s choice alone

Following a falling out with William and Catherine, Harry and Megan ended up being given Frogmore Cottage, but they only spent six months living on the Windsor estate before moving and had to pay back £2.4million pounds of taxpayers’ money because they spent it. the renovation of the lodge.

Was it a smart move to hail a yellow New York City Cab after attending the Live in a Vision Awards last month it would have led to this high speed car chase they even compared it to the last trip of the Princess Diana and it only made headlines a few weeks before Harry was set to testify against the press about privacy.

But anyways back to the army so the number one rule in the army is don’t shoot yourself in the foot but after confessing and sparing the use of illegal substances Harry is now caught in this US court case which could lead to the release of his immigration paper visa application forms asks about any past drug use and this may be cause for rejection but not necessarily always harry campaigned against the media outside the High Court in London last week and the voices of courtiers who claimed they were bullied when they served Megan and Harry were silenced an internal investigation into Megan’s behavior and why the right people felt compelled to leave The royal service was buried Harry even decided with certainty if he was still going to be royal the cursory presence at his father’s coronation he suggested he still covered his beds which is Importantly, there was no protest when he was addressed in court last week as His Royal Highness.

Harry continues to blame the media for his mother’s death as French courts rule Diana was the one who chose to get in a car driven by a drunk man and she also lost her life because she decided to don’t wear a seat belt now. was a tragic car accident, it was absolutely horrific, but we can’t blame the media for that.

Harry is similar to someone else in his family, one of his ancestors after he abdicated the throne King Edward VII also made a lot of money selling his life story but once his story had already been told, there was nothing left to sell and now it looks like Harry is going down the same path he is making the same mistake he is discovering that carrying his soul only makes him cheaper.

Edward the eighth just told his life story and so he ended up being a single author because he didn’t invent anything now Harry or I guess Megan can keep writing the same way they have used those vivid imaginations a serious bend for revenge no self awareness and obviously no shame they are especially lacking in shame if you ask me they will do pretty much anything if they believe it will bring money or fame they don’t even seem to know the difference between good publicity and bad publicity or maybe they just don’t care of course neither of them are very smart so I think that’s also a big part of the problem.

In the Oprah interview they claimed they had experienced racism within the Royal Family of course the senior Royals denied it seems to me Harry has conveniently forgotten how people were excited when he got engaged to Meghan Markle, a mixed-race woman now last year Harry went to the UN saying climate change was wreaking havoc on our planet, but flew to New York in a private jet now, it’s one of their favorites, but is absolutely not eco-friendly.

In 2020 Macon and Harry signed a Spotify deal for three years of podcasts, now a dozen episodes aired last fall, but we haven’t heard anything since then, a Spotify executive said he’s was swept away spending money on talent and then of course their invisible son Archie was supposed to be born in May 2019 and that was a big moment but even that wasn’t just a normal moment of joy because do -le and Harry was accused of deliberately misleading people by claiming that Megan had given birth when she was.

Already home with her supposedly new baby as Graydon Carter says Harry and Megan did something they will live to regret their children didn’t have parents they never even met their grandfather maternal Thomas Markle and destroyed relationship with William and Catherine means they don’t really have contact with their cousins ​​George Charlotte and Louis.

And then what about what Harry did, that poor Digger driver Sasha Walpole out of the blue, she became one of the most talked about women in the world after Harry Bragg who he lost his virginity to her he claimed he was 16 and she was this older woman and they did it in a field of cows behind a pub very romantic right now maybe the mother of two would have preferred the details of their little trips to remain private but she had no choice because Harry took it away from her.

And Harry’s stupid little book he called his stepmother Queen Camilla a mean stepmother, what a low blow, my goodness, people who actually know Camilla say she’s a lovely woman, the only naughty thing about him is his sense of humor.

Now Harry’s small deal with Penguin Random House, which is worth over £22m, means he has to produce at least one more book and he probably has to do it soon. Will he give us a lifestyle manual on how to relax and smoke lots of weed in California.

Now, one thing I can’t fault Megan and Harry for is that they gave a home to a group of chickens they rescued from a factory farm. I’m an animal lover, so I really can’t say anything bad about this decision, but I have a strong feeling that rescue chickens are basically just signals of virtue when it comes to them two it’s also weird to me that they claim to like these chickens but didn’t they have roast chicken on their first date or something i do they mean they eat these chickens from rescue.

Besides, Harry apparently used to shoot his father’s prized chickens. I’m afraid those chickens will eventually end up on the kitchen table and there will be no more virtues left to point out to Megan.

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