Prince Harry in Tears as Judge Denies ‘Prince’ Title in Immigration Trial

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, endured a difficult and emotional experience in a US courtroom as he fought for his right to stay and work in his new home country. After stepping back from royal duties and settling in California with his wife, Meghan Markle, and their son, Archie, Prince Harry applied for a green card to establish permanent residency and permission to work in the states -United. However, his candidacy has faced obstacles and delays due to accusations of past drug use and allegations of exploiting his royal status.

In a tense courtroom scene captured in video obtained by the Daily Mail, Prince Harry was visibly distressed when the judge, Robert Jones, denied him his royal title and simply called him “Mr. Windsor “, his legal last name. The judge, known for his strict stance on immigration issues, treated Prince Harry like any other immigrant, refusing to recognize his royal status.

During the hearing, Judge Jones questioned Prince Harry about his past drug use, which the prince had revealed in his memoir. Despite Prince Harry's explanation that he should have overcome his addiction and sought professional help, the judge raised concerns about the seriousness of the drug offenses and the implications for eligibility for the drug. 'immigration.

Furthermore, Justice Jones emphasized that Prince Harry was not entitled to special treatment due to his former royal status and stressed the need for a fair and impartial process. After reviewing Prince Harry's case and records, the judge cited discrepancies and inconsistencies, as well as objections from various parties, including the British government and the royal family.

Ultimately, the judge denied Prince Harry's green card application and ordered him deported from the United States, giving him 30 days to appeal or voluntarily leave. Overwhelmed by this decision, Prince Harry broke down in tears, begging the judge for leniency and expressing his deep attachment to his family and his life in the United States.

Despite Prince Harry's emotional plea, the judge stood firm in his decision, leaving the prince devastated and uncertain about his future in his adopted home.


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