Prince Harry Furious as Meghan Markle Weeps Following Insults on His Podcast

Meghan Markle found herself the victim of an awkward encounter with Andy Cohen on his podcast when the Bravo producer made a candid comment. In a surprising revelation on “Royal Pancakes,” a podcast covering all things British royals, Meghan, while recalling her admiration for Andy Cohen's Real Housewives TV empire, shared an unexpected interaction with the famous producer. The Duchess of Sussex, 41, recalling her meetings with Andy, revealed that although he had met him several times, the producer had no memory of their past encounters. The amusing realization unfolded during a conversation on the podcast, where Andy, after meeting Meghan, simply remarked, “It was nice meeting you,” prompting Meghan to laugh as she revealed: “I’ve met you before.”

Meghan remembers their first meeting before her role on the series “Suits”, where she eventually became a celebrity. However, as the legal drama unfolded and some disagreements arose, Andy seemed completely baffled, expressing disbelief that he didn't remember their meetings. The Duchess, eager to appear on Andy's late-night chat show “Watch What Happens Live,” shared her interest, but Andy, caught off guard, admitted they couldn't book her.

In an uncomfortable moment, Andy revealed that while he didn't personally remember meeting Meghan, his Bravo team suspected he missed an important opportunity. He humorously said: “We were like, I think she might be a Housewives fan.” The situation took a funny turn as Andy considered the possibility that Meghan Markle had expressed interest in joining “Watch What Happens Live,” which would have been a major oversight in the show's 13-year history.

Attempting to lighten the mood, Andy shifted the conversation to Meghan's current take on Housewives, asking if she was still a fan after all these years. Meghan shared that she stopped watching when her life reached a certain level of drama, but recognized the cultural impact of reality shows. She remembers watching “Real Housewives of Orange County” while living in California, feeling a connection to the familiar world depicted on screen while still feeling a certain degree of alienation.


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