Prince Harry clarifies assistant’s resignation was at HR’s request, not Meghan’s

Prince Harry recently revealed the real reason behind his assistant’s departure from their household staff.

The Duke of Sussex has disputed claims that Meghan Markle was responsible for pushing the staff member out of his job. In his book ‘Spare’, Prince Harry explains that their assistant was actually asked to resign by Palace HR after finding evidence that she had used her position with Meghan to get freebies.

Due to the fact that they were unable to publicly disclose the reasons for the assistant’s departure, rumors began to circulate.

Prince Harry believes the incident was the catalyst for many of the issues that followed, including the emergence of the ‘difficult Duchess’ narrative in the press.

The Duke of Sussex now sets the record straight and clarifies that it was not Meghan Markle, but rather Palace HR who asked his assistant to resign.

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