Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Reaction to ‘God Save The King’ Anthem Goes Viral

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s symbolic response to the national anthem sends a clear message to King Charles. During their visit to Nigeria, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made a big impression by attending a grand reception on the second day. As the ceremony began with the national anthem “God Save The King,” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, along with everyone in attendance, stood. Harry, King Charles’ youngest son, appeared in good spirits as he stood with his eyes facing forward and his arms at his side, showing respect and attention during the anthem. The British anthem was followed by the Nigerian anthem, which Meghan also stood by in a similar spirit of respect.

Although not on an official visit to Nigeria, the royal couple conveyed a message of love and respect to King Charles through their gesture during the reception. Their reaction to the British national anthem quickly went viral, sparking mixed reactions from social media users. Journalist Simon Perry, who is accompanying the Sussexes on their trip, shared a captivating video capturing the couple’s solemn acknowledgment of the hymns and their engagement in other activities at the reception.

In terms of attire, Meghan and Harry exuded elegance and coordination for this special occasion. Meghan showed off her impeccable style in a glamorous strapless white linen St. Agni dress, while Harry opted for a cream linen suit. Their fashionable presence added to the charm of the event.

At the reception, the couple was treated to a captivating dance performance by a group of energetic dancers and drummers. They also had the opportunity to hear inspiring testimonies from wounded warriors. Additionally, Meghan and Harry were given a computer-generated tour of a future Invictus Center, a future facility designed to provide physical and mental rehabilitation for injured military personnel.

In a series of speeches, Abike Dabiri Erew congratulated Meghan, exclaiming: “Princess Meghan is Nigerian!” She expressed her lack of surprise when Meghan mentioned her Nigerian heritage on her podcast, citing her beauty, intelligence, diligence and ability to stand firm in the face of challenges. Erew also addressed Harry, saying: “Prince Harry, you married the best: our daughter, our friend, Princess Meghan. I hope you come back again, again and again.” The warmth and appreciation shown towards Meghan and Harry at the reception was evident.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s respectful response to the national anthem during the reception in Nigeria sent an important message to King Charles. Their presence and engagement throughout the event demonstrated their commitment to fostering positive relationships and embracing different cultures.

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