Prince Harry Allegedly Seeks Donations for Archewell During Visit to Charles, Asks King’s Friends’ Children for $10K via Polo Match

According to a report from Royy Sage, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle used a charity polo match to raise money for their organization, Archewell. This strategy seems quite clever, as it allows them to generate a substantial amount of money for their initiatives. However, it also blurs the line between Archewell and the office of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. A source mentioned on Twitter that Harry had contacted international polo associations with the idea of ​​organizing a high-profile polo match in Santa Barbara. The plan is to invite renowned polo players from around the world who would each contribute $10,000 to participate in the match, with the funds going to Archewell, also known as Harkel.

Additionally, Harry reportedly asked his well-known polo friends to each donate $10,000 before the polo match. Unfortunately, most of the people he contacted were children of the king's friends and declined his request. It seems that the Charles family is currently facing financial constraints, especially after the video of Lady C discussing some of their money-making schemes. It becomes clear that the trip to the United Kingdom was intended not only to divert attention to the game of polo, but also to enhance the prestige of a jewelry transaction. Rather than focusing on the well-being of an ailing father, the trip seemed intended primarily to further their financial endeavors.

It should be noted that Archewell was intended to operate as a foundation that would allocate a minimum of 5% of its funds to charitable causes, while the remaining balance could potentially be used for operating expenses. This arrangement gives them the right to live lavishly using other people's money. This approach has similarities to the infamous Young World program, in which the organizer received an exorbitant salary. However, most polo players come from wealthy backgrounds and are cautious when it comes to raising money for charity. They certainly don't want to be associated with questionable practices. Additionally, Harry's popularity within the polo community likely declined due to concerns over his treatment of horses, which may have horrified many people in the sport. Given the value of these horses and the fact that he is only borrowing them, it seems necessary to keep him away from any living being. It is disappointing to witness such behavior from someone who should know better.

In another development, Meghan Markle appears determined to shake things up and share her side of the story, regardless of the ongoing health issues facing King Charles and Princess Katherine. Although many people have advised her against this, she is reportedly planning to write a memoir, shedding light on her experiences as a full-time member of the royal family. It's important to note that her motivation is not to compete with her husband's next book, but rather to share her perspective on what happened behind closed palace doors. Although some argue that now is not the appropriate time for such an endeavor, Megan remains steadfast in her desire to tell her story to the world.

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