Piers Morgan Claims Kate Middleton Reads His Tweets Following Palace Photo Release

Former Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has made a remarkable statement about the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. According to Morgan, Kate Middleton reads his tweets, a statement he made following the palace's release of a new photo of the future queen. In January, the palace shared Kate Middleton's first photo on social media after her surgery, alongside a heartfelt message from the duchess herself. The message expressed gratitude for the good wishes and continued support received over the past two months, while also wishing Mother's Day.

Shortly after posting this photo, Morgan returned to a tweet he posted on March 5, when the princess was first spotted in public. In the tweet, Morgan suggested that if Kate, often called the Princess of Wales, felt well enough to ride in a car, she could potentially end the paparazzi market by posting a photo herself.

He found it somewhat absurd that the rest of the world had access to the TMZ photo, while British taxpayers, who contribute to the royal family's finances, could not see an official image. Reiterating his previous tweet, Piers Morgan claimed that Kate Middleton read his tweets. He took to social media again, saying: “Kate reads my tweets.”


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