Palace Denies Meghan Markle’s PR Statement About King’s Gift to Archie on Birthday, Leaving Her Ego Shattered

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry once again find themselves embroiled in controversy as their PR team weaves a web of deception. While some people may fall for their fabricated narratives, others remain skeptical. Let’s look at the specific incident that happened recently, in which Meghan and Harry tried to convince the public of a rather dubious claim. The Sussex Squad, a group of ardent supporters of Meghan and Harry, have told how King Charles was delighted to give Archie, their beloved son, a special gift for his birthday.

According to their account, King Charles expressed immense eagerness and affection for Archie, emphasizing his uniqueness due to the importance of his parents. However, this story concocted by the Sussex Squad turns out to be a disastrous PR move for Meghan and Harry. Former BBC royal correspondent Michael Cole has criticized Prince Harry and Meghan’s approach to raising their son Archie, who recently celebrated his fifth birthday. It is important to clarify that although they call themselves “royal”, they are no longer part of the official royal family.

The real royal family did not send any birthday wishes to Archie, either publicly or on social media platforms, as they usually do with other members. Speaking on GB News, Cole expressed his disappointment that Archie did not grow up alongside his royal cousins ​​in the UK. However, I now believe that it may have been a blessing in disguise that Archie did not experience the confusion that would have arisen if he had been exposed to conflicting accounts about his loved ones. Growing up away from the extended royal family allowed him to form his own unbiased opinions and learn to trust others without suspicion.

Cole then recounted the strange behavior surrounding Archie’s birth, including the controversial photoshoot held by Prince Harry and Meghan. The couple first presented their newborn to the world press, only to later protect him from further media exposure. This particular behavior raised eyebrows and led Cole to question the authenticity of Meghan and Harry’s actions. Additionally, Meghan and Harry chose not to disclose the names of Archie’s godparents, although their identities were later revealed after the family moved to Canada and then the United States.

In addition, we have seen little of Archie in the public eye. Despite not having a birthday photo, Meghan still makes sure she and her children stay in the headlines, thanks to her PR team. Recent reports suggest Harry and Meghan turned down King Charles’ £18,000 gift for Archie’s birthday. According to insider sources, King Charles had intended to celebrate his grandson’s birthday by sending him a card and small gifts. There were even rumors that the king was considering giving Archie one of his own watercolors, a desperate move to maintain a connection. It is important to approach these claims with caution, however, as they come from biased sources.

It appears that King Charles and his team fear misinterpretation and fear inadvertently upsetting Harry and Meghan. Tom Quinn, a royal expert, mentioned that Charles once gave a hand-engraved swing to Prince George, Prince William’s son. However, Harry has repeatedly expressed his disapproval of such grandiose gestures. Therefore, Charles hopes to have a simple phone call with Archie on his birthday, avoiding an uncomfortable conversation with Meghan, which he fears could lead to further tensions.

The steady stream of misinformation orchestrated by Meghan and Harry’s PR machinery is causing them more harm than good. While it’s understandable that King Charles longs to reconnect with his grandson, the strained relationship between him and his youngest son complicates things. It’s crucial to approach the stories propagated by Meghan and Harry’s team with skepticism, as they often lack credibility. The truth is that their actions and stories continue to spark controversy, deepening the rift between them and the royal family. Let us not be swayed by sensationalist narratives and instead seek a balanced perspective on these ongoing developments.


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