Olivia Wilde’s breasts left Ryan Reynolds speechless during a love scene

Olivia Wilde’s boobs left Ryan Reynolds speechless during love scene

Ryan Reynolds got worried when Olivia Wilde’s nipple pasties accidentally slipped off while filming a love scene for ‘The Change Up’, he claimed on ‘The Tonight Show.’ While most guys would probably call it a happy accident, Ryan Reynolds freaked out.

Reynolds told presenter Jay Leno that the sight of it stunned him. “She has these nipple pasties,” he explained, “but she drew these cute little smiley faces on them. And I forget every line of the scene, not just of this movie, of all the other movies I’ve done.

And that was just the beginning of Reynolds’ woes.

“At one point in the scene, she takes my hands and puts them on her breasts,” he explained. “So there they are. The palms (are) a little sweaty. I don’t know what’s going on. …And I try not to look at her like a 14-year-old boy who just won the women’s lottery.

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“I pull my hands back and I look at my hands and there are two fucking smiling faces. I don’t know what to do so the scene is over now. By reflex, like an idiot, I just put my hands back on her tits I think I do it as if to cover it up, but I realize right now that it’s a very fine line between chivalry and sexual assault in the workplace Thank God someone comes with a towel.

David Dobkin produced and directed the fantasy romantic comedy film The Change-Up. The film stars Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman and was written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. The 2011 photo also featured Leslie Mann, Olivia Wilde, Alan Arkin, Mircea Monroe and others, in addition to Reynolds and Bateman. Unfortunately, the picture did not have an impact at the box office.

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