Nicole Kidman suffered from depression while filming the role for which she won the Oscar: “I was not in my own body”

Nicole Kidman has revealed, for the first time, that she suffered from depression while playing Virginia Woolf on the set of ‘The Hours’, a role for which she won a Best Actress Oscar.

In today’s landscape, mental health is one of the most talked about topics in the public sphere. Largely because of the pandemic that the world has been experiencing since 2020 and which has wreaked emotional havoc on countless people.

There are several stars who have spoken for years about valuing mental health, telling in the first person how they suffered from depression or some type of disorder or problem. So, the last to do so was Nicole Kidman.

The Australian actress confessed to having suffered from depression while filming ‘The Hours’ in 2003, a role for which she would eventually receive the Oscar for best actress.

Nicole Kidman gave life to the British writer Virginia Woolf, a key figure in feminism and literature of the first half of the 20th century. Unfortunately, the author committed suicide in 1941 in the River Ouse. Meanwhile, Nicole Kidman herself has had to face her own demons and only now has she come to light.

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In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s This Cultural Life, the interpreter told how difficult it was to face this mental battle: “I was not in my own body”, she said stated, referring to the alienation suffered by people suffering from depression.

“I don’t know if I ever thought about how dangerous it was for her. I was really into it,” she referenced the exact moment the playwright ended her life in the film. . She also recalled the scene in question in which she showed how she performed the suicide: “I put stones in my pocket and walked to the river again and again.”

Due to the difficulty of shooting these scenes, Nicole Kidman says the film’s director, Stephen Daldry, was very considerate of her because he knew what she was going through: “I think Stephen was so nice to me because that he knew.”

Although the artist has not found an exact origin for this problem, she reports that she felt “out of place, out of my own body”. These weren’t easy years for the Oscar-winning actress, as she was divorced just two years before being his partner for 11 years and after having two children together, Tom Cruise.

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These statements to British public radio relate to his recent interview with The Guardian in which Kidman reflected on his family’s support and the feeling of melancholy that engulfs him for much of the day: “There’s a lot of melancholy, isn’t there? ? ? I mean, when you really study melancholy people, it’s very present. I have a lot of that. I think a lot of people have melancholy too, don’t you think?

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