Melania Trump Attends Ivana Trump’s Funeral in Black Dress & Pumps That Honor Somber Mourning Dressing Traditions

Ivana Trump – ex-wife of Donald Trump and mother of Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka – was memorialized at a mournful funeral in New York today, bringing her famous family together to pay tribute to her life and legacy . Ivana died on July 14 after falling down the stairs of her Manhattan apartment, according to the medical examiner and officials. She was 73 years old.

Former President Donald Trump attended the funeral of his first wife with his current wife and former First Lady Melania Trump. For Ivana’s funeral, Melania Trump wore a simple black short-sleeved dress with a pointed collar and a slightly open neckline. The A-line dress featured a mid-calf skirt with a pronounced front pleat. The 52-year-old former first lady wore a pair of simple black pumps with the dress.

Donald Trump, who was married to Ivana for 15 years, wore a navy blue suit and tie with a white shirt and black shoes.

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Donald maintained a close relationship with Ivana after their divorce, with Ivana calling them “best friends” and supportive of both his campaign and his term as president.

Melania Trump attends Ivana Trump's funeral in a black dress and pumps that honor dark mourning traditions of dress

Ivana Trump left an indelible mark on the fashion scene throughout her life, including rising to socialite status after meeting and marrying a young Donald Trump during her modeling days in the mid-1970s. with Trump, Ivana quickly found her place as a much-loved New York socialite, rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in fashion. After divorcing Donald Trump, Ivana launched her own line of clothing, costume jewelry and cosmetics called Ivana Haute Couture sold on the Home Shopping Network and the Canadian Shopping Channel. She also started her own fashion and fragrance company, House of Ivana, in 1995.

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