Meghan Markle’s Alleged Betrayal After Introduction to Markus and High Society in Soho

Trevor’s revelation highlights Meghan’s alleged betrayal after he introduced her to Marcus and SoHo’s high society. Their story began in 2004 when Meghan, who had difficulty finding acting roles, had only one day of acting experience in the past year and a half and was blacklisted in because of his false declarations of belonging to an actors’ union. Trevor, a producer with greater financial stability, offered Meghan access to celebrities, acting connections and roles. He supported her financially while her acting career stagnated.

Meghan’s limited income as a waitress did not allow her to maintain the lifestyle she wanted, which included traveling, spending on interior design, and saving on rent by moving in with Trevor shortly after they met . This arrangement caused concern because Trevor, although moderately successful, was not a major actor in Hollywood. They attended numerous industry events and dinners and frequented Soho House, all in an effort to make connections.

Their networking efforts began to pay off in 2006, when Trevor secured a one-year sponsorship from the Weinstein Company. Meanwhile, Meghan grew closer to Marcus and began to bond, eventually leaving Trevor behind as she moved up the social ladder. It emerged that Meghan married Trevor as a springboard to access high-profile producers and career opportunities, including Harvey Weinstein.

These revelations dovetail with comments from Meghan’s ex-best friend, suggesting that Meghan had a calculated approach to relationships and was strategic in cultivating friend circles. It’s also worth noting that Meghan’s supposed aspirations for a royal life were apparently in the works since her first marriage, as indicated by claims made on Meghan Kelly’s show. Host Meghan Kelly suggested Meghan created a vision board depicting her life with the royal family long before she met and married Prince Harry, hinting at her long-held ambition to become a global icon and to achieve a prominent position within the royal family.

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