Meghan Markle Set to Make Waves in 2024 as She Strives for Success

In the cosmic narrative of 2024, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is poised to seize the spotlight as a tumultuous force, according to astrologer extraordinaire Debbie Frank, renowned for her celestial insights on the lives of luminaries. Immersed in the astral configurations of the Duchess, Debbie, once beloved confidante of Diana, Princess of Wales, revealed exclusively to Interview! that the impending spring will see Meghan once again become the center of attention

Reflecting Prince Harry’s penchant for hustle and self-redefinition during this transformative year, Debbie laid out Meghan’s astrological blueprint. With her Sun adorning Leo in the first house, a sign of a perpetual quest to forge an indelible identity, Meghan is constantly seeking the next pinnacle of fame, wealth and growing influence in her story.

Still unsatisfied even after reaching a milestone, Meghan’s quest for new challenges in 2024 will act as a catalyst, propelling her drive and determination to greater heights, according to Debbie’s heavenly ideas.

The crux of anticipation lies in the timeline of late March and April, where Meghan, orchestrated by a celestial dance involving two eclipses, is about to re-emerge into the spotlight, imagining a spectacle that will metaphorically sweep the globe like a storm.

Expanding on her prophetic vision, Debbie, foreseeing Harry’s potential move from Montecito in the spring, remarked: “Similar to Harry, Meghan yearns for a family recalibration, perhaps manifesting in a new home in uncharted realms. The month July’s turning point becomes a turning point. Meghan, in pursuit of her aspirations, accepts risks and fervently commits to achieving her goals.”

As the year progresses, Meghan, now a mother of two, focuses on bringing her meticulously crafted plans to fruition.

“The solar eclipse on October 2 heralds a paradigm shift, and with the dynamic force of Mars crossing its ascendant in mid-October, Meghan is working hard to realize her aspirations,” Debbie said. However, a cosmic turning point awaits us in December, where Mars retrogrades precisely on its Mercury, signifying circumstantial forces beyond its control, paving the way for a temporary delay and slowdown that extends until spring 2025 before resurgence does not occur.

Turning her celestial gaze to Harry’s astrological chart, Debbie identified April as the month of significant upheaval for the restless prince.

“Seeking a rejuvenating start, April becomes her explosive month, involving a potential move with family, defying expectations of the royal echelon. A move to a new abode or an unconventional location within or beyond the Windsor estate could materialize, culminating with the lunar eclipse on September 18, close to Harry’s birthday, completing this celestial tale.


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