Meghan Markle Plays the Blame Game with Monarchy, Alleging King Charles Deceived Prince Harry About Queen’s Funeral

However, in the most recent developments in this royal drama, it has been suggested that King Charles deliberately withheld certain crucial details from Prince Harry and Meghan to avoid a potential family feud. According to a new book by royal biographer Robert Hardman, Prince Harry was kept in the dark about key aspects of Queen Elizabeth's funeral, all in a bid to prevent conflict. The explosive revelation claims Prince Harry was unaware that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, had chosen not to attend the funeral at Balmoral. Instead, she stayed in Windsor with her three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. The move, unbeknownst to Prince Harry, played a pivotal role in easing tensions, especially given his displeasure when King Charles reportedly asked him not to travel to Scotland with Meghan Markle.

The question that remains is whether this was a calculated move by King Charles to handle the delicate situation or whether it was simply a twist of fate. A royal aide, according to the biographer, suggests it was more luck than judgment, but it certainly made it easier to inform Harry that he was coming alone. The idea that crucial decisions affecting family dynamics were made by chance rather than careful planning raises eyebrows and casts a shadow over transparency within the monarchy. Adding fuel to the fire, the book titled “Charles 3D: New King, New Court” offers an overview of previously unpublished documents in the royal archives, including details of the death of Queen Elizabeth, highlighting that she felt no pain when he died.

The revelation that the late queen did not want a line of well-wishers at her bedside during her illness provides a poignant insight into her character and preferences. However, what truly sends shockwaves is the breakdown in communication within the royal family during this critical time.

On the day Queen Elizabeth died, King Charles personally called Prince Harry, who was in the United Kingdom with Meghan at the time. According to Prince Harry's memoir, he contacted Prince William to discuss his travel plans, but received no response. Robert Hardman sheds light on this interaction, saying that Prince William did not consider it the appropriate time for the extremely difficult conversation he had to have with his brother.

The revelation that Prince William chose to remain silent at such a crucial time raises questions about the state of relations between the royal brothers. Was it a deliberate decision to postpone a difficult conversation, or does it highlight a deeper division within the family?

Now, turning our attention to Meghan Markle, she has been accused of playing the blame game with the monarchy. The narrative presented suggests that she and Prince Harry were misled, and the fallout from these alleged deceptions has fueled their ongoing feud with the royal family.

The claim that King Charles is now furious and has warned Meghan to stop spreading what he considers to be nonsense adds another layer to this already controversial story. As we navigate these shocking revelations, it is essential that we approach the narrative with an insightful mind.

The royal family, once a symbol of tradition and decorum, is now embroiled in a scandal that threatens to tarnish its image. The blame game continues and the world watches with bated breath as the monarchy struggles with its internal struggles.


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