Meghan Markle more popular than Kate Middleton? Find out how she largely dethroned the Duchess of Cambridge

Meghan Markle has just beaten her “rival” within the British royal clan: Kate Middleton. Prince Harry’s wife’s wedding dress has been voted “the most popular of the past decade”, according to research by Find Me A Gift. That’s enough to give Archie’s mom a head start on his popularity rating!

What twists and turns in the Meghan and Kate file! The two wives of Britain’s beloved princes, William and Harry, keep making headlines. While the two couples had everything to get along well, the British press seems to have taken malicious pleasure in asserting from the start that the two women did not support each other.

According to some, the Duchess of Cambridge took Meghan under her wing during the first months of her arrival, in order to inform her of royal conventions. “Kate tried as much as possible to help Meghan as she entered the royal fray,” royal expert Emily Andrews told the Mail on Sunday, among other things. But according to others, as well as the main interested party, Kate would have on the contrary made Meghan cry, especially during wedding dress fittings.

Since then, the relationship between the two young women has continued to feed the international press! However, the hatchet could well be buried soon, as recently revealed by the Us Weekly site. The two duchesses could collaborate on a joint project for Netflix. In the meantime, the popularity war between the two women seems to be relaunched on Monday August 16 by a revelation that puts the American actress back in the spotlight!

The most beautiful to get married

A study by the experts at Find Me A Gift has unveiled the number of internet searches made in the UK for celebrity wedding dresses. Since her marriage to Prince Harry on May 19, 2018, the Duchess of Sussex has been the subject of more than 21,900 searches! Only three years after the ceremony, Meghan and her dress designed by designer Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy emerged victorious, beating her sister-in-law!

Because it is Kate who occupies second place with her Alexander McQueen lace dress, designed in 2011. She is closely followed in third place by Hailey Bieber, dazzling in 2018 in a backless dress signed Virgil Abloh during her wedding. with Justin Bieber. Perhaps this is information that will once again stir up some resentment in the land of British princesses?

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