Meghan Markle Knocks Prince Harry Down from Invictus Glory

Unfortunately for Harry, Meghan kicked him out of Invictus Glory. Hello everybody! I think recently we’ve been bombarded with a lot of photos of Meghan. We saw his lack of style and his total absence of humility. It’s also evident that Meghan has lost a lot of weight recently. I mean, she’s always had chicken legs, but now her naturally square torso seems to have shrunk a bit too.

We often hear that the eyes are the window to the soul or the face is the window to the soul. Today, the eyes and face are considered powerful communicators that tell us a lot about who someone is as a person, how they feel.

I don’t know about you all, but when I look at these recent photos of Meghan, I can see that her face certainly shows the truth about her. Today, weight loss has made her look older, but let’s not be fooled by that plastic, deceptive fake smile she always wears in front of the cameras. I think we can all see beyond this small act. When you zoom in, Meghan looks like hell.

Her face looks so old, there are so many wrinkles on it, she looks haggard up close. You can even see the gray roots in his hair. Even in photos, you can see Meghan ricocheting all over the place, desperate to be everything to everyone and failing miserably.

What she doesn’t understand is that it’s not about her; It’s not his show. But she decides to try to make it her show every chance she gets. It’s so clear she’s trash. I mean, the woman has no dignity, no class and no consideration for others. It’s like she can’t even really see other people unless they get in her way. It’s really embarrassing to watch.

Now, at first, I noticed what Meghan was wearing. As usual, it was completely inappropriate. And why is she wearing white on white? Is it so you can’t miss it? I guess, or she doesn’t have to worry about finding something that matches.

And don’t even get me started on the short shorts Meghan wore. I mean, why did she think it would look good on her chicken legs? I understand maybe she can’t help it, but still, if you have little toothpick paws like that, you need to cover them.

One thing is quite certain; It’s clear why Meghan had to lie to stop working in the royal family. She couldn’t hack it. Meghan is undisciplined; she’s not socially competent, she’s ignorant, she doesn’t understand etiquette, she has truly horrible manners, and she has no humility. So where exactly does this inflated ego come from?

Clearly, she realized she couldn’t pretend in England. I mean, for starters, they all surpass her. But even they are open to some advice from time to time. You see, Meghan expected to immediately have all kinds of power and be the star of the show. She just wasn’t willing to work to get where she wanted to be. She was incapable of working hard to earn respect.

If she had just been humble and polite during her first meeting with the Royals, instead of talking about how she was going to modernize the royal family and also be humanitarian, Meghan would have had an ally in Catherine. But she had to be mean, and she had to accuse Catherine of having baby brains, and she had to take it out on little Charlotte. There was no way in this world that Catherine would ever want to be near Meghan again. And I think her obsession and jealousy of Catherine is exactly why she started this diet months ago, and it’s why she lost so much weight. The difference, however, is that for Catherine, this is all natural. She has always been sporty and stays in great shape. She eats a healthy diet and the whole Wells family loves spending time outdoors.

But you see, Meghan is not athletic, so her weight loss is not natural. Instead, I think she’s taking this new medication to lose weight. Oh yeah, you know, the one that has all kinds of horrible side effects. She smokes cigarettes; I know she likes to drink a lot, and every once in a while, maybe she goes on a hike with a personal trainer to get a PR photo, of course, for the paps.

Meghan needs to get off the internet and maybe she needs to start taking walks with Harry. To be fair, Harry is actually quite fit and loves being outside too. And if these kids are real, maybe they could let them out every once in a while.

So what do I see when I look at Meghan? Well, I see a desperate effort, a person. It’s time for Meghan to go, and it seems Harry understands that too. You can tell Harry was looking at her with so much love in his eyes, but that’s completely changed now. And I think in the past William and Charles would have saved Harry from this disaster, but not anymore. After what he did, of course, they won’t just be there to solve his problems. It’s his now.

He has to find a way out of this dark hole he’s dug himself into. However, it seems that he can’t make up his mind. Sometimes it seems like he’s ready to move away from her, but once she’s there again, he goes back to the way he was. It seems like he really is her puppet, and it’s going to be very difficult for him to get out of this situation.

When you think about the women who surrounded Harry when he was growing up, they couldn’t be more different from Meghan Markle. He grew up with very strong, well-dressed, intelligent and elegant women. Meghan is basically like a guilty pleasure, working girl. There’s nothing she won’t do in bed, and that’s what he bragged about to his friends. And I doubt she’ll do anything but sleep these days. But it looks like now Harry is stuck with her. Both of them look so disheveled; I can’t believe for a second that they are truly happy.

How about Meghan insisting on being there, pretending to support Harry in his only successful venture since they left the royal family, acting like she’s so attached to it? Oh, come on, Meghan, we see clearly. She was nowhere in sight as he took a lot of heat after his book. Spare or when he was in London with the trial. Where was Meghan then?

When Harry left his family for Meghan, he closed way too many doors behind him, and now it looks like he’s stuck with her for better or worse. I fear his future will be rather bleak. I mean, the Hollywood celebrity lifestyle Meghan promised her obviously never happened. And if he returns to the UK he will be treated as a foreigner. If he stays with Meghan, he will be her


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